"Everett Station"

by Tsoi Wilson

everett station seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 26th of September 2006 02:10:12 AM


Steve Hughes
Everett Station Wilson congratulations on making an everday subject interesting, as they say timing is everything, great capture and very well presented. I love the colors but how does it look desaturated Steve

Brad Kim
Excellent work...with moving train, shy moon, and golden lit subject.

Kim Slonaker
If the train wasn't moving, if the moon wasn't out, if the mountain wasn't nicely lit in the background, if there wasn't the glow from the sky on the building, this would just be an average shot, boring and uninteresting. But add all those elements together and you get a very dramatic, appealing image.

Howard Dion
Man, you do have a way with a camera that's for sure. Stunning color photograph. I love the movement of the train.

Ruud Albers
Very nice work, Wilson! Best regards, Ruud.

Paul Breen
7\7 Fantastic shot. Keep up the good work.

Ada Ipenburg
Hi Wilson, I'm so glad to discover now and then a shot from you which is not in the sports category. I'm not sporty and next to some skating in the wintertime I actually do and know nothing about sports so it's hard for me to say anything meaningful about that. The kind of picture you presents here appeals much better to me. I like how at one side the sinking sun lights up the building and at the other side the full moon is already visible at the sky. The massive building forms a nice contrast with the speed of the passing train. I love the mainly warm golden tones of late afternoon which dominates the whole image. Like Linda says, it gives the feeling of an old postcard. A very nice one. Warm greetings Wilson and thank you very much for your comment to my picture, Ada:-)

Cherlyn .
Perfectly timed that makes this a interesting shot.

Huy Tran
Beautiful color. Great photo. Best regards.

Hanna V
the golden light, the moon, the movement, the building, the landscape, the mood... as Kim said. great picture!

Pnina Evental
Impressive urban "landscape" Wilson, The moon adds the poetic point. well executed as usual.

Linda Keagle
Yeah, it does look slightly desaturated, giving it the feeling of an old postard...which wouldn't have featured a moving train, however. I like the overall effect, WIlson.

John Seward
Wils, I'm intrigued by the 3x exposures on this. My question is, which exposure came first? The train? This is a lovely shot. I'm quite taken by it. John

Wilson Tsoi
"Everett Station" Led by four various diesel electrics, a BNSF freight train passes by the new Everett Station with Sound Transit's Seattle-Everett Sounder commuter train waiting at platform #1. Mount Rainier and the moon provide a backdrop.

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