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by Peri John

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Published: Monday 25th of September 2006 09:32:03 PM


John Peri
David, I spoke of sharing humour, not offense. Nevertheless, it is often at the expense of the models, and I never find that right. I do get the point but frankly, I prefer the "dead" remark further down to the "drunk", one, which has a unpleasant social stigma attached to it, and please don't add dead drunk!

David McCracken
Very much... She is very much alive... the smile is testament to this!

Pawel Sawicki
Colour is much better. Her RED lips are so visibiel because of her light skin colour and they match the floor somehow. Just the pose seems to be a bit too "origina"... She looks more as falling down than playing.

John Peri
Well, I was trying to do something a little different, but she did remain very much alive!

Jim Hayes
And she IS intoxicating. I get the impression this was one of your really fun shoots. As always, the quality is a shared venture here. Thanks to the both of you for sharing it with US. JH

David McCracken
Clarification... John, I joke a lot! My comment in this particular case was not meant with any humorous intent. I gave you my honest critique as I saw it. In other words, I see what you are trying to do but the association is there whether you wanted it to be or not. This is called honest comment. No offence was intended to you or your model.

John Peri
David, I think the drunk part is gratuitous and I am not sure that the models always share our sense of humour when it regards their person, but the idea was indeed to have her fall into the frame, hence the longitudinal plane. I fully appreciate that one may not like that.

John Peri

David McCracken
The feeling I get... The black and white gets it for me but not because it is in B&W but more because of the crop. In the colour version she seems to be falling into the frame as if she was drunk. OK! I know that is not the case and her smile does confirm that but that is the feeling I get. Her left foot looks a bit uncomfortable!

Jana Vanourkova
John, she looks like dead. The skin tones are fantastic , nice contrast with red carpet, cheers Jana

Arnold de Beer
The colour one gets my vote......

John Peri
A study in form a nd texture .

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