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Published: Monday 25th of September 2006 08:31:23 PM


Trisha Jean-Angela

Such a nice image of childhood. To this day, I cannot resist writing in the sand! Just a kid at heart, I guess! Let's hope your little one stays a kid at heart too (life is much more fun then)! She is lovely! Thank you for sharing. :)

Drew Bayless
Sandimages !!! !

Hannu Soini
Thank You Drew !

I am glad you like the photo:) -it dates back some time, but I recall it like yesterday, warm evening on a beach:) drawing and looking at the sunset.

Hannu Soini

Trisha –Thank you for the compliments! I will pass them on to my daughter! - She is lovely:) I am not worried about her generation who are haptic enough to be closer to their iPads than Aladdin to his lamp:) – - We all seem to share the same hobby – drawing and playing with the sand whenever there is a change:) I have to say that I think/feel that it is the natural thing to do when you have the change:) Feels better than drawing on a paper as well and brings more elements to the drawing – so I think it just might be our basic nature – and it is just semantics if we want to call it - the child in us or something else:) Even better if it makes us remember the childhood…take care Hannu

Hannu Soini
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