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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 24th of September 2006 05:24:35 PM


Michael Comerford

I love the main image here, though I almost hate to say that I like the more traditional pose as well!

Superb composition, the eye is lead naturally up the stairs and up her body, and you've chosen an excellent model for this particular series.

Marvellous !


Alec Ee
The composition is striking and the model exquisite. As usual John you have the cream of the crop. Nicely done.

John Peri
Some may find the pose a little tense, but I prefer it to the more predictable image in this version immediately above.

John Peri
Fair enough Carla, thank you for the comment, but to me that is precisely what gives it a stronger impact than the picture that lies below. In the second picture, the model looks as if it is natural to be lying there, and it is not natural to be lying there!

Carla F
I agree about the 'tenseness' in this photo. Theres something in the face that isnt right. It doesnt flow with the rest of the image. Maybe if other aspects of the photo were tense as well the head would work better. As it stands, it jilts me, and makes me want to look away!

Matt Walker
Incredible Hi John, This shot is now my favourite shot of yours. This seems to be a new angle here (not sure if you're on a ladder or...) that works perfectly with the look and feel of this oft used staircase. Model obviously is great but her red hair spilling over onto the white of the step really draws my eye upwards with the stairs and the wall/cabinet on the left provides a converging line that adds some drama to the scene.

Michael Sebastian
tense, but ...the model has a spectacularly attractive body--she looks very athletic and lithe. Not sure I like certain aspects of the composition but she is so easy on the eyes I'm willing to drop my usual curmudgeonly objections.... :)

Thomas Collins
Hello John! I am back from my trip to Florida and am returning to normal life again. I see from your photo above that life for you is still on track. I highly approve of this image! Wonderful lines lighting, poise and interest. And a gorgeous model to boot! Regards my friend! Thomas

Massimo Santoni
Great! The environment is perfect for this gorgeous model. Nice lighting and skin tones!

Joseph Calvo
It seems you have captured the essence of the model in this photograph. She has a direct encounter with the viewer; by her looking straight at the camera. I like how the shade of lipstick matches the velvet on the stairs. The sharp curves of her arms legs and foot adds a dimension of realism to this photograph.

John Peri
Between floors .. .

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