by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Kids II

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Category: Landscape

Published: Sunday 24th of September 2006 12:34:28 PM


Nilesh Dhakras
Very interesting picture. The light is really marvelous.

Tomaso Nigris
Your picture are always special. This one has a special mood. The use of light is great.

Rajeev Thomas
7/7 Rarindra...what about 7/7 !! Just amazing...just wow!! WOW!!! regards, Rajeev

Michel Latendresse
beautiful mood, light and colors. Very strong emotional and symbolic content. I love it. Well done

Abraham A. Agung
Cakep... Foto ini luar biasa...
saya ga abis pikir gimana bisa dapat moment kaya gini
dan olahannya bagus sekali...

A. Toscano
Beautiful light and colour. Regards.

Gian Luca Trogi
great well caught!!!

Leanna Weber
Nice scene. Beautiful mood. Leanna:O)

ciaran mcginn
nice one looks like a shot form the movie "what dreams may come"?

Barbu Cristian
7/7 Excellent colours and composition, and well chosen. Regards and good luck!

Denise L
Magical. Beautiful capture. The composition, colors, and lighting are perfect. It's a very peaceful, magical scene. Regards. Denise.

Emanuela Carratoni
A magic photo!

Pawel Sawicki
Romantic and beautiful. Very film-picture composition. The light is simply a masterpiece. As the whole photo.

Longtang Lin
good composition, excellent color as usual.. dreaming.. I must say this is a truely good photo.......... Longtang John Lin

Ken Thalheimer
Great light. The placement of the couple in the frame is just perfect

Marketa Hoskova
wery nice photos

Bob Kurt
photo of the week!

Gelu Vasile
excelent composition, colors and light!

David Heiden
Excellent composition and DOF. I really like the sunlight effect you have captured.

Vaios Parinos
Very peaceful image! Great composition and colours! Congrats Rarindra.

Pete Magnuson
Beautiful light and colour.

Ian Cameron
comment Rating your pictures seems to me to be totally irrelevant. Your post processing skills are second to none, but that aside, it is your eye for an image that leaves one breathless whether the pictures are imagined, created or conjured the results are never less than pure art. Viewing your images makes me weep with pleasure.

eileena ni
touching time!wonderful shot!!!

Rarindra Prakarsa
heavenly morning Tank you. Terima kasih. See you in heaven.

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