ZD 978

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 23rd of September 2006 03:30:36 PM


John Peri
Hello Robert, I will be delighted to meet you. I have answered by mail.

Ray Yeager
Beautiful Gorgeous shot of a gorgeous woman.

Al Li
John I just love that stairway of yours. It is so elegant and romantic. You sure know how to make good use of that stair, beautiful image. I must visit you in Paris one day. Alex

Angel Pena
Lovely posing. I like your house-studio. I envy Robert, in fact I AM DYING,... GREEN of envy..

John Peri
Alex, it's the closest thing that I have to your red couch! Yes, the staircase is great, the only problem is that the neighbours will insist on coming out to take the lift whenever I'm taking photos ....

Robert Farnham
John, this is a lovely photo - up to your usual standards. I'm in Paris right now, staying just off rue Mouffetard until mid-October. Your city is even more magical than I expected. I'm soaking up the energy of the streets, which are so different from where I live it can't be properly described. I'd love to meet you if you're interested. ...Robert

Tanya Truong
John! Everyone wants to be your neighbor...even more now. You make Paris much more appealing than ever ;o). Warm regards, Tanya.

dzsh rdydtii
I love composition and angle...very nice!

Giuseppe Circhetta
... One of my favourites!

John Peri
Evening light on staircase .

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