ZD 973

by Peri John

zd glamour portrait photography nudes artistic johnpe peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

Tags: glamour portrait photography nudes artistic johnperi abstract seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 23rd of September 2006 03:04:01 PM


Alon Eshel
Great work , I love the blue tone and the red hair braking it . Beautiful

Peter Bernik
Crazy PS work - but I like it.

David McCracken
... the same planet... John, I am glad lifes little (or in this case maybe not quite so little) inconveniences happen to you too. Often when waiting for the lift, I decide to take the stairs usually only to find a group of naked girls hampering my exit. It really is annoying isn't it? Red hair and blue skin! Is she from the same planet as you perhaps? It's good to have fun. Not instantly recogniseable as one of yours but it doesn't take long!

John Peri
No Ruben, she was born with blue skin and bright red hair .... :-)

John Peri
Another fantasy ... ... ever lean over the bannisters while waiting for the lift .... ?

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