"A Morning in Snohomish"

by Tsoi Wilson

a morning in snohomish seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 23rd of September 2006 02:09:54 AM


Tom Duchemin
Fantastic Photo! Excellent photo, Wilson. Well composed and you really captured the beauty of the great Northwest. Great colors and contrast.

J Perez
Nice! Has the quality of a fine watercolor. Cheers, J

Lee Jianmin
Wilson, Ideal picture for living room. I like it a lot. :0))

dan shoe
This is a great photo. I have been tempted to get a shot along the Skykomish River in the morning fog. Good Job!

Cherlyn .
Good layers of different scene view .

Kim Slonaker
Very nice, Wilson! I love the layers within the composition and the orange/blue contrast.

Pawel Sawicki
Fantastic photo. So many plans created by the fog and trees. The horison and colours are really great.

Walter Tatulinski
Good photograph Wilson! I especially like the complimentary orange and purplish-blue colors. Regards.

Jon Thornton
Excellent photo Wilson. Nice to see you applying yours skills to different subject matter.

Jesus Garcia
Wilson, This an ethereal vision of tomorrow. Excellent.

Martino Balestreri
eccellente paesaggio! da sogno! Bravo!

alexandra rauh
A dream of photography!!!

Longtang Lin
wilson,, so good, so may "layers".. congraduations. LONGtanG JOHN LIN

Howard Dion
I gave this a double seven not only cause the image is totaly amazing but because the photographer got up really early to get to this spot just at the right time. Outstanding work.

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, This is just beautiful...I agree that it should be printed large and hung on a wall...mine would be fine :) The colors are inviting, but mostly I just enjoy the way the fog moves in and around everything you see. Nice capture. Leslie

Ozgur Donmaz

Kolby Cole
Fantastic Great image, the fog contrast perfectly with the natural surroundings that WA has to offer.. Congrats, Thanks for sharing.. Cole

Tomaso Nigris
Foggy pictures are one of my favourite. This is a great, excellent photo. Congr. I also woke up very early in the morning to get sunrise and it was one of the coldest day of the year! See my favourite tree picture.

Frank Melchior
Nice Wilson, You get up early once in a while as well. I paid off with this image, great layers for a nice 3D effect.

Brad Kim
Hi Wilson, I am a morning fog guy also.... and I love this one so much!

Ian Cameron
comment Stunning shot great realistic colours and superb atmosphere, love the veil of mist pulled across the scene adds to its 3 dimensionality. Regards Ian

Rajeev Thomas
Beautiful...nice layers and wonderful colors..regards, Rajeev

Jody Holman Webster
where in the fog? As someone who lives in a very foggy area, I have tried over and over to capture it as the eye sees it... not easy! but you have mastered it here. what a beautiful shot... blues accented by that red sky. stunning. and such a serene, mystical feel. what is this mountain range?

Botikario 2006
Excellent Great shot, Congrats.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Excellent Wilson, congratulation for this wonderful photo. The mist effect and the combination of colors are perfect. 7/7

Chris Pevarnek
Words fail me, but numbers don't. 7/7.

Zulfu Aydin

Wilson Tsoi
"A Morning in Snohomish" Just east of Everett, the Snohomish Valley is always foggy in early morning. Taken at 5:45am just before sunrise.

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