ZD 945

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 21st of September 2006 09:23:40 PM


David McCracken
Heaven forbid... I can't argue with Ricardo but given the playful mood of the photograph I don't think it matters. Heaven forbid you were having fun John. A touch more light on the face would help. Her smile is partially hidden in the 'darkness.'

Tammy V.
A lovely and playful shot. I like all of the triangles she's formed with her body. The champagne glass is a nice added touch.

John Peri
Thanks Tammy. It's not just decoration, she really drunk it! Wonderful model. Saw her again today. She said I could post these pictures. I never cease to be touched and impressed by the generosity of some of these young ladies.

Barbu Cristian
6/6 Very nice!

Pawel Sawicki
I like this wide angle that even makes haer body longer and smoother. the arch she creates... her long legs, some hidden smile, her arm... Lovely pose. And this glass somehowe makes this composition a bit more spontaneus. Good work.

Ricardo Lago
I think rotating the image so the couch and flooring joint are straight would emphasize the repeated triangles.

John Peri
Ricardo many thanks. Frankly, I didn't notice! It will take just a few moments to correct.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan A very attractive shot - has a very genuine feel, and clearly a super model. Thanks for sharing.

Tomaz Palmer
This is a very good nude photograph. Playful and light, yet very stylish. Fantastic.

John Peri
Couch with figure .

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