by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Face

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Published: Thursday 21st of September 2006 01:05:49 PM


Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Excellent portrait!!!

Pawel Sawicki
I am really glad to be the first one to comment on that. Wonderful portrait. The quality is so fine. His hair look fanstastic. The way he closes his eyes and expression on his face are great. And the grain that is on the smoke of the pipe adds so much. Colours, composition, quality - great photo.

Gelu Vasile
excelent portret!,very good composition but hair its litle more yelow, in my opoinion!

Massimo Santoni
Impressive subject and nice post working!

Robert Hutinski
Rarindra, you are the master of post procesing. excelent photo. thx for sharring.

Lee Jianmin
Excellent Portrait with strong character :0) 7/6

Gail Sowder
Wow Great expression and incredible lighting.

Marina Poblacion
Chapeau !!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
What an interesting face :) It's one of those faces that deserves a story attached. The lighting is accentuated in all the right places. The smoke swirls add even more interest. If his outfit were "red" with white trim, I' have to guess Ole St. Nick on his off day. The only only thing I find even remotely distracting is the darkened area at the bottom of the image. My brain says I might want just a little more detail, less negative space. Otherwise, I love it! Eye catching & beautiful.

Pedro Cruz Vera
Mirando tus fotos creo que eres un verdadero maestro de la luz y tu forma de componer la composicion y en cuadrarla es de super maestro. Felicidades y un saludo cordial.

Marc G.
Too much dodge, burning and brushing, and saturation... Look at this man again... Don't you think he's a lot more interesting, just as he is, than all the PS technology you burried him under ? You havea fantastic photo here, just let it be fantastic. You did the job with the camera, you don't need to do it again at post-production; what's done is dne and over-doing it is killing the natural beauty of what you photographed. I really hope to see a more sober version of this photo soon: let me know if you post a new version please. Selamat petang ! :-)

Tomaso Nigris
A great shot with a very good post work. Light and shadow makes the difference. Congr.

Hua Qianqian
Cool! Like the smoke flying from the tobacco pipe~

Roxanne Bohn
Where there is smoke....... Rarindra, this reminds me of Dutch artist Rembrandt's work. The darks and lights and billowing smoke make the features on the subject "pop". Very nice. By the way, your portraits have made me seek out information on the Javanesse People; and I am very saddened by the situation there. Thank you for letting us view your most excellent work! (from California)

Stefania Ruzzi
Excellent portrait!!

Mark Sweeney
Heavily processed obviously but I do enjoy the shot. Beautiful. I aggree that I would love to see the shot as is. The eye of the beholder as they say. I would love to know the kind of post work you do to your shots. Nice work.

Sandra H.

Sky Blue
Well done.

Kombizz Kashani
Very realistic portrait capture of this man with all of his characteristics. Great use of lighting.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Javanesse Old Man Tank you. Terima kasih.

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