by Duczynski Maciek

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Published: Monday 18th of September 2006 04:52:05 PM


Steve J Murray
I agree with the others that the composition is very strong and appealing. I love the boat and the way it points toward the lake and the detail in the boat. One thing that catches my eye though,is the somewhat "over blown" clouds over the mountains; the only flaw in an otherwise "perfect" photo. With digital it is easy to get blown out highlights, despite burning in and the use of filters. To correct this you can shoot two images on a tripod: one for highlights and one for shadows and blend the two as layers using a layer mask. If only one raw file exists you can make a dark version and a light one and do the same thing. If you have already done that forgive me for going over this.

Kah Kit Yoong
A strong radial composition. Stunning.

Ivo Gonçalves
I like It. very good photo

Umberto Pini
Beautiful photo !

Babis Babis
Great work. Congrats !

L. Ramoth
Absolutely stunning...Great job.

regina pagles
Awesome photo! One of my absolute favorites. Unfortunately, I was unable to give it the 7/7 rating that it deserves, because photo.net said that I have reached my limit on 7/7 ratings. I guess that I will have to wait to do so, but I will...congrats! Regina

Fabio Ficola
It's a little wonder, you've finally got on the picture all tones and shapes your eye was able to detect, and with HDR your camera (or best your computer) too! My congratulation -Fabio-

Tony Fallon
I agree with Vincent. One of the best !! Immediately stunning but still drawing the the eye into the scene from every side. And then, after gazing for a while, the tree branches and leaves leave a final mark upon a perfect composition.

Richard Momenceau
Stunning !!

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Awesome! I'm also starting to fiddle with HDR. Its very intersting and great fun!!!

Christin Gilbert
Superb B&W...!!

Chris Latham
Fantastic composition and exposure... Absolutely beautiful 7/7

Lucas Oldhoff
Well, I agree! Beautiful job, Maciek. I don't understand all the technical jargon, but it is clear to me you obsessed over this photo until all the contasts and shades were just so. Terrific!

John Patrick
Fantastic. Great comp, tones and detail. John.

Seven Stuartson
Steve I agree with the observation about the highlights (To correct this you can shoot two images on a tripod: one for highlights and one for shadows and blend the two as layers using a layer mask)

but, according to the photographer's notes, it's a Photoshop High Dynamic Range (HDR) merge of 5 images; I daresay the detail exists in one of the exposures. (HDR is an Automated merge tool in CS2)

It's a beautiful moment, Maciek - wonderful tones & a superb reflection.

Adrian Newcombe
Excellent Composition, texture and tones. It has it all.

Pan Giannakis
Perfect! Excellent work!!! And thanx for the 5 exposures tip :)

Karl Schuler
High art of photography. Congratulations.
Could you please give a bit more information about the processing. ISO, Exposure times, Aperture etc. How did you merge the five exposures?

erwin bosman
I think it has already been stated enough above, but I want to share it also : this is an impressive shot. I'm just wondering what the impact would have been when removing the small branches at the top left of the image. Bravo ! erwin

Excellent.. Don't need to talk about, this picture is one of the best i ever seen (even from professional landscape book). This picture requires a book !! Best regards.

Jon Martin
Really nice shot! Great tones and depth. Jon

Chris Marry
Bravo ! Very beautiful W&b ! 7/7

Pawel Sawicki
What can I add to what my coleegues said. Great contrasts here. I love the coluds reflected in water. Composition is pefect and quality is perfect as well. Amazing work.

Sylvie Bélanger
Wow ! Just W O W ! ! ! ... what a beautiful picture .. I'm out of word .. ! I woukd like to be able to do the same !

Karl-Einar Löfqvist
Well done! Amazing!
Perfect perspective and a perfect control of light.
My regards!

Robert Gama
Breath taking The tonal range is increadible. The composition, the detail, everything is top notch.

piotr adamski
Maciek Tak trzymaj swietne zdjecie i cala galeria, pozdrawiam

Tomasz Solarek
Excellent! Powerful photo!!!

Jens Hartmann
Very good!!

Juraj Sebok
excellent! no comment is needed...

Randy Martin
YEs The reflection is mind blowing and the stranded conoe adds to the affect

Asla Vihervuori
?? I was about to comment this photo earlier. Composition was great, interesting subjects, indeed. However, something was wrong for me, but because did not know what, I did not want to leave blind comment. I saw this photo in DP (dec 06) and now I know. If this is same photo (tones or else not changed in between) compression or something like that has destroyed parts of this photo. Image I saw in magazine was so much more lively, wivid, sharper, with healthy tones, it was like different photo! Actually it took me few weeks to realize I truly had seen it before! As examples I take details, mainly in darker toned areas. Small rocks in bottom of fjord, near waterline. Details in shadowed areas in background, details in boat. And monitor I am watching can not be so wrong. I do not want to be rude. I can really not admire this photo (much). But your (same) photo in DP IS masterpiece. Blame media... No ratings, a s l a

Pete White
Breathless and breathtaking!

Mihai Costea
awesome Awesome shot and darkroom work, thanks for sharing. I'm curious to know at what point in the process have you converted the image(s) to B/W; I assume this decision plays a role in the final output. cheers,

Myra M
Woow.. Great shot, well composed, superb BW transfer!! Regards, Mirek.

Todd Curry
Excellent shot, great depth and feeling.

Dorel Melinte
hi! Fantastic! Excelent image!

Nicole York
I just wanted to make sure I had my name down on here to agree with all the other more expirienced pn'ers about what a fantastic shot this is.

George Koutsilieris
EXCELLENT!!!Best regards.

Doug Smiley
It's a nice photo, but too much lost detail in shadow areas.

Ken Sargent
Wonderful shot. 7/7

Chris Marry
Bravo ! Wonderful, great density and here great use of depth !

Landrum Kelly
Very nice. The mountains and water are beautiful, but this picture simply makes me want to build yet another wooden boat. --Lannie

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Wonderful shoot. The clouds and the reflections gave special touch to the photo. Congratulations. 7/7

Pankaj Purohit

Markos George Hionos
great work !

Joo Chung
Masterful! I am truly humbled by your work.

Ty Mickan

Jaap Voets
superb shot the light, tones, diagonals... everything just clicks

Benjamin Tite
This is a stunning photo, I love it. The composition is perfectly balanced. The photo is really sharp and the sky is fantastic. This picture fits the square format so well; personally I find it difficult to crop and compose my photos to a square format. You've inspired me to give it another try as when it works it looks so appealing.


Audrius Kazlauskas
outstanding! very good composition with boats. it is leading the attention from the right bottom to he centre. 7/6

Sara Hawkins
An extraordinary shoot!! composition, tones ... perfect!

Tim Sandstrom
A lot to like here: careful work in tough light; smart composition leading us into the scene; full range of tonalities - especially inside the boat. This sets a high bar, thanks for sharing...

Charles Miller
I love the forced perspective of this shot with all of the lines moving to the vanishing point.

Erik Kolstad
Maybe I should start experimenting with HDR or multiple exposures again. This is astonishing. Doing HDRs in black and white never occurred to me, but it's a great idea. Congrats!

christos roussos
Excellent very nice photo

Alessandra Manzotti
fantastic image, processing and DOF! congratulations 7/7

Maciek Duczynski
Norway Norway HDR, 5 esposures with step 1 EV

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