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Published: Saturday 16th of September 2006 11:03:42 PM


Howard Dion
John, I think red heads have more fun. This is a wonderful personality shot.

Landrum Kelly
Beautiful composition and range of warm tones, John. The background doesn't bother me. --Lannie

John Peri
Well, thanks everyone. But it's the model that does fifty per cent of the work, if not more.

Mark Boyer
You captured a wonderful expression here, John; really outstanding.

Pawel Sawicki
Beatiful portrait. I'd of course add just a bit symetry here as the right side is a little to strong - 4 milimeters would do. But it's just unimportant detail... Perfect tones, Her eyes and hand on her face. Beautiful.

Peter Meade
Hello John, she is a classic beauty and this is a very fine image. Neil mentioned the Mona Lisa and I think the ambiguity of her expression makes that allusion quite appropriate for this shot. Is that calm, worry, a crashing headache or just getting the hair right? It's an expression that draws you into her persona, something that you have a talent for capturing. Regards. Pete

Sharon Jobe
Utterly Gorgeous! John, this is incredibly beautiful, not only your model, but the emotion you captured is magical, just super lovely!

Esteve Boix
Amazing portrait. Well done.


Alon Eshel
I love the way her hair matches the floor behind . beautiful expression , somewhat sad

Vi P
She is totally lovely. Her red hair and your warm-colour finishing touches made the photo very warm and homey. Beautiful!!!

Bodyline Photos
Just Beautiful

Neil Peters
Everything about her is perfect John. My classic side says, dang, wish the background was all one color. Then it becomes quite another work. My Mona Lisa side says just a bit less dof. Those eyes really jump out. Beautiful :)

Tanya Truong
Her "Red Ambition" brings warmth and charm to the room John. What a lovely face! It was sweet of you to ask me to be your model, but all your models are so gorgegous that i think i will be "invisible" in your porfolio John. Warm regards, Tanya.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Exquisite pose and her expression. Great light and croping.

Alec Ee
Exceptional colors, beautiful model.

John Peri
Jerry, it's my white hair .... they feel sorry for me.

Jerry Matchett
This expression is haunting, John. Tell me how you elicit such. If this was the only picture I'd seen of yours I would suspect the young lady is in love with you. Maybe that is your secret - you make all of your models fall in love. If that is the case I really want you to coach me. Regards, Jerry

Tanya Truong
Lol! you know John. Hugh Hefner has white hair too ;o). If you will reincarnate, what would you be John?. I think you've already known the answer of Mr Hefner :o).

John Peri
Portrait A young model I met recently ..

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