by Prakarsa Rarindra

untitled care canon ef f ii family mother love green farme prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Thursday 14th of September 2006 01:06:07 PM


Guillermo Morgana
7/7 Excellent! Bravo!

Longtang Lin
7 7 The camera is low end, but the photographer and teh photo are right on teh top !!. what a contrast... !!!!!!!!!!! your talent for lighting/color is amazing.. I have to admid, you definately teh best in photo.net.. this photo definately deserve 7/7 Longtang John Lin

Tanya Truong
I am falling in love with your photography. So romantic, so sweet, they touch my heart. Best regards, Tanya.

Jana Vanourkova
Woow, you are good, cheers Jana

sarah h
Really very sensitive....!!!!

Nikodim Nikodimov
Terima kasih ! Pak Rarindra, I have lived in Java (mostly in Jakarta) for 9 years and have made almost a thousand photos of the place. But what I see here is exeptional. The mistic atmosphere of the Javanese countryside . Thank you for bringing back the memories of those days ! Gatev

Paulo Marx
Marvelous!! That I always see a interesting photo I go to look the portfolio of the photographer to see it the set of its workmanship. Then I can affirm that is not a photographer of a photo alone. In your case that I am certain to be seeing a true artist.This photo are wonderful like the others of your portfolio. The tech, the mood are perfect.7/7

Svein-Jørgen Wiken
Greate Greate work. Love the tones and the light. Perfect comp.

erwin bosman
I have seldom seen such a stunning use of light ! amazing ! erwin

Marta Eva LLamera
Simply I have not words to this beauty. Best Wishes dear.

Iren Nagy
Rarindra Absolutely beautiful. Very touching photo~ thanks for sharing. Greetings from Canada, Iren

Ari hoffmann
fufilling I love how the light takes the subject to a different elemet. it looks as if no harm can be done.

Leonid Padrul
The picture has to thinking and draws color!

Neil Peters
Absolutely amazing impact and light, Bravo Rarindra :)

Lars Mislej
Superb light. Well done!

Stuart Apsey
As your other works, some of the best I have seen, I just wish you would share some of your processing knowledge but that is your choice and I would not think less of you if you don't. Still Fantastic work.

Panayotis Papadopoulos
Another excellent picture from you...Rarindra you are very talented, hope you're making a living out of this as well. Keep up the good work!

Leanna Weber

Nirupam Biswas
Beautiful lighting...splendid composition!

Giangiorgio Crisponi
you play very well with the light, bravo Rarindra, ciao Giangiorgio

Joshua SJ
How beautiful. Gorgeous. Joshua.

Ekayana Surya
Good composition & lighting... Maaf Mas, ada kesalahan tulis di massagenya... Salam

Frank Courtney
Beautiful lighting and tone.

Derek Moore
Hi Rarindra. This is different and I like it very much. Regards, Derek.

Biswajit Pandey
Rarindra Excellent work again, wonderful light and very nice tone. Regards

Tom Leech
Really well done. The light is very pleasing and I like how it just illumninates the faces. Composition is excellent.

Wayne Pinkston
Wonderful job.

Massi Cricco
Congratulations !!! A very original picture, enchanting (7/7).

Brad Kim
Excellent work, Rarindra.... I love the delicate backlight and the composition. Is this a posed shot?

K Mellet
A priceless, other-worldly image. Truly wonderful!

Felix Diaz
Magnificent I am speechless with your portfolio.

Naty Z
i have no words, your photos seem to come from another planet! Maybe from a dream? Thanks for sharing so much beauty!!

Yuri Bonder
7/7 Beautiful

wayne g
Great light...a beautiful picture! Wayne

Patanjali Parimi
What about colors? Great work, undoubtedly. I was wondering how much photoshoping you have done for all your pictures. It is possible to get bright golden yellows early morning or evening. But misty greyish blues look unnatural. Thanks, Pat.

Janis OKelley
I think this is beautiful....truly beautiful. However you got to this point was all worth it. Beautiful! J

Fane Spoitoru
It is just superb! But I am not so sure that is not manipulated...

Nicole York
STUNNING, I love it. 7/7

Yodyout Wongcharoen
Great Feel Great mood with great eyes of yours

Mujahid Awais
7/7 Beautiful art work...

Kanwaljit Singh
Greeeeeeaaaatttt Shot KANWALJIT

Emre Safak
Looking at this again, I have to wonder how it was lit. It seems unusually strong for a typical street lamp. I guess it must be broad day light color corrected to look like night.

Siva Swaroop V
Perfect composition. Lighting is great!!! Thanks.

Gibran Malik
it`s really cool!!!!!!Can`t wait for your next masterpiece!!!Too much in love with this photo!!!

Annie Ferderer
Stunning!! Wow... this is so beautiful. Lovely. So smooth and soft lightning... excellent. congrats anna

Jurģis Peters
Very, very good. Love this one!


Shenandoah Place
Bellicimo~ Great capture wonderfull tones~

Kate Callahan

Cindy Stephenson
Awesome! This is breath taking.

Samantha Brown
Thank You You have truely inspired me. I am only an amatuer photographer, and have yet to develop many skills. But this picture moved me so much, I started crying. It clenched my heart in a way thats never happened before. Thank you for creating such an experience for me.

constantin cimpeanu
... speechless.........best

Shenandoah Place
Lovely shot... I admire your work...;-) Shenandoah

Trisha Jean-Angela
Beautiful and touching image. I love the light and mood. Thanks for sharing. :)

I Gede Lila Kantiana
indah sekali karyanya om, selamat ya..salam

Rarindra Prakarsa
Greatest love of All Tank for see and comment...

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