Good Father

by Prakarsa Rarindra

good father mother love green farmer light rays jakarta prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Wednesday 13th of September 2006 12:43:53 PM


Salih Güler
7/7 excellent work=)

Salvatore Saitta
Even if I don't know what is real and what is manipulated in this picture, I find it fantastic! Wonderful :-)

Eric Gonzalez

Joan Newhall
Lighting is beautiful and the setting is like a fairytale.

Jana Vanourkova
What a wonderful image, great quality of light here, cheers Jana

Rarindra Prakarsa
tank you Not manipulated mean no copy/paste here... burn/dodge/higher saturation in main object/...

Wendy de Kok
Great atmosphere and light! Excellent

Ricardo Lago

Beng J.
You have Style ! Wow ! What a beautiful picture with mystique light ! and you said it is not manipulated. You really got a unique style, which can be seen with all your photos. Somehow it is still a mystery for me, how you could capture all the wonderful light so beautifully. The right picture taken at the right place, on the right time of the day with the right light ?. Really good work and I like all your photos.

Luis Martínez
Best Probably one of the best photos I've seen inside PN and outside. Whatever the post-processing used, the results are wonderful; what in my opinion reveals a great artistic sense. I would have liked to see the original photo; even that one should have been extremely high rated.

Beau .
Looks just like a Maxfield Parrish painting.

Pulok Pattanayak

Cherlyn .
Well, almost all have been said. This is indeed a 7/7 photo with perfect light & effect. Composition itself is excellent. Such a good candid moment.

putu suanditha
finally, my favourite photo uploaded.. this is one of my favourite photo by MR. Rarindra.. i believe, even this image is manipulated but the original is very dramatic. even taken by canon powershoot G5.. can anybody imagine how talented person is mr. rarindra? congratulation..

Razaq Vance
7\7 *****!!!!!!!!!

Michael Lyons
7/7 Fantastic image--ML

Wayne Pinkston
A true work of art.

Branimir Bencic
Fantastic light and photo. Congratulation.

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Fantastica!! excellent light and atmosphere, nice diagonal composition, bravo Rarindra, ciao Giangiorgio

erwin bosman
the light is stunning ! erwin

Basrie K
Stunning. as always! Many people have been begging for Rarindra to share the secret recipe but to no success. Coming from the same country like him, I even once recommended him to exhibit his masterpieces to the Indonesian audience. No answer yet from him. He's making a history. I am not exaggerating, but take a look at his other fine works at We will be amazed and kept begging! Rarindra, the world is watching! Might be begging. So, a first class exhibition is all yours. Why should wait? Must be lots of major sponsors willing to support, at least Canon Powershot plant factory manager and PS CS2. Congrats.

Hannu Hentila
The colors are simply magical! This is one great photograph!

Luca Rubini
Excellent Fantastic shot. It really seems a painting!

Longtang Lin
wondeful !!!!!!!! the lighting and color.. need to learn from you .. Longtang John Lin

Alden Gray
Exceptionally well done This photo and your other ones are exceptionally well executed. I've seen people do effects like these with for instance AutoFx's Mystical Lighting plug-in but rarely as well as this. However you constructed your effects, you have a masterful eye and the all-important restraint not to go overboard with them.

Marko Airismeri
This wonderful atmosphere contains a nice touch of unreality.

Jim Kerr
Rarindra, many of your photographs have some of the best color I've seen since I saw "Gone With The Wind" At a theater when I was in high school in the late '50s. Besides that, you have very great talent......Jim

Gerard Burgstede
Wow Very beautiful. Almost looks like a 16/17th century painting. Amazing! Gerard (http://www/

Ramón Vaamonde
I dont know how do you get this light but... your light is GREAT. COngrat, another amazing job.

Magnus Rönnkvist
I agree, beautiful light and atmosphere. It looks alot more like a painting than a photograph. Well done! / Magnus

Michael Nigro
Perfect composition but it's still too dark.

Ekayana Surya
Wonderful... Nice light & tone...

Jay Park
Great! First of all, when I first time saw this, thought it was a picture instead of photograph. I like how we can see all the details on the tree, and how babies are doing their own things. I also like the trees at the back side. The mood of this photo is very attractive. Great job!

Kay C
Amazing lighting, wonderfully captured!

Panayotis Papadopoulos
7/7 There is not much to say about your beautiful work my friend. I can not find words to descibe how much I like it, eventhough I also believe that it is somehow manipulated. But I wish if I could do the same!...excellent!

Alec Ee
Superb composition and lighting. Congrats.

Juan Pavon
Wonderful...evov0cative. Congrats

Tanya Truong
Simply perfect. My admiration. Best regards, Tanya.

Denise L
Fairy Tale This beautiful image looks like a scene from a happy, idyllic fairy tale. Exquisitally rendered. Regards. Denise.

Chung Lee
Wow, wow 7/7 Well composed, amazing lighting, excellent work. It makes me feel like I'm looking at a classic painting in a museum. Congrat!

Kah Kit Yoong
I believe this is what they call 'artists' light'. Phenomenal capture. I thought from the thumbnail this was a shot of an oil painting.

Stephane Robichaud
I guess he is saying that there is no cloning done here. All that you see in this photo is what was recorded by the camera. However, he did use some saturation and painting with light technique. In a good way. I do find this photo absolutely impressive. You have developed a nice style. You do work on you photo digitally, but it is done in a very nice way and even after the work, this is still a photo to me. Very nice work Rarindra. I would like to be able to have just one like this myself!

Robert Semnic

Javier Montero
Lord of the rings Wow!!! It seems that they are in a scene of the Lord of the Rings.... Each of the persons are contentrated in their things... Congratulations...

Pedriza visions
My blog

Kaushik Chatterjee
Rarindra, Extremely rich and colorful. Great tone and light efect. Just exquisite.

If you want, have a look...

Markos George Hionos
lovely paint/photograph... i believe is heavily manipulated ..nevertheless a patently Great image !!!!!.

Haleh Bryan
Good father, good image, good composition, and a whole lot of other good things!

Tomaso Nigris
Great work.

Paulo Barreto
When I say manipulated I don't want to say that you cut or paste something in this image. I want to say that I think you use some software that produces that effect very common in your other work. What is the effect, or effects, is the question. But, perhaps that is a secret and I respect that. I repeat: excellent work!

Superlative. Makes me want to give up in despair

James DeMoss
Thanks You are truly one of the most inspiring artists here to date. I appreciate that you chose to share these with us

Rejith Warrier
I havent seen much photos in my limited experience in PN with such a wonderful lighting, except may be from Daniel bayer or Mg Lizi ... Fantastic image and using a powershot G5. I would like to know the specifics and how you got that effect ... Would you be kind enough to share ???

Stephane Valente
Beautiful light, atmosphere & composition. Great shot

Luc Jacobs
Great light, wonderful composition. Regards.

Paulo Barreto
First, this is an excellent image. No doubt about that. Congratulations my friend. Second, you take it with a Canon PowerShot G5 camera!!! Third, this is a manipulated photo. Now, in this particular image what is real and what is not? Love to know. Curious the not God but good father because God is Good and is Father.

Patrick Flynn
I love your technique. This is a beautiful photo.

Bora Benic
7/7 Perfect.Bora

Jef Van den Houte
Strong and captivating image with a very beautifull light

Pawel Sawicki
One of the best light I've ever seen. Wonderful picture. Congratulations.

Robert Bennett
How? How in the world did you get that texture and feel? I've never seen anything like it. Bravo! Peace, Bob

Robert Bennett
Set the time to 'Week'... and you've got two oustanding images in the top five. Most Deserved. Peace, Bob

sahil banga
picture this looks more like an abstract. kudos to u as its a celebrations in itself.

_ Cálico - NY, NY
WOW... I love it. You just caught a "keeper" and you should be very proud! Whew! Good luck and best wishes!

Brett Wall
Yes, amazing technique. One little nitpick though, you might use different pieces of foliage when you insert them into different images. The foreground foliage in this image has an uncanny resemblance to the one you have used here.

Ben Wyrick
Your pictures capture a golden stillness and your use of light is like a master painter. I like how the people are leaning against the tree. There is a great separation between the tree and the background, almost as if the background were a movie set. Your photo has both great sharpness and a low-contrast haze.

Sondra Kicklighter
Well captured, beautiful lighting and love that big old tree. 7/7

Michael Haydon
7/7 Perfect.

Lee Jianmin
An Award Winning Picture. Excellent!!! I really love it. Thank you for sharing. :)

Farooq Bhatti
Farooq Bhatti One can't believe, but no way to escape. Perfect themetic photo. Well Done Friend

John North

Zacarias Mata

Mehmet Tüzün

Francisca Vugts
jealousy... Not only the colors and light are fantastic, I love the whole picture. The composition, the tree, the contrast between the old colors and the modern clothes, the couple of leaves on the left....just great!!

Charlie Widdis
Wow I love this shot. 7/7. It just has this airy atmosphere.

Rafael Cedano
Encantadora Esa foto me parece impresionante, me encanta la forma en la que los colores calidos te hacen sentir dentro de la foto...
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Jeff Holland
Amazing!! Your work is pure magic! The passion you show in your work is so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your vision. Jeff

José Reynaldo da Fonseca
Big....! Good... very good!

Aimelle LM
wonderful light and colors... I find the composition interesting as well and quite unusual. Like it :)

Kris Jacques
Shocked Rarindra is a master craftsman; but as much a master of Photoshop as of photography. I've been teaching photography for 25 years and I know that what he is doing is the result of heavy manipulation (and there is much discussion and demonstration of his techniques on Photoshop sites all over the Net). This is more a demonstration of superb craftsmanship than great photography. If only Rarindra would say this openly. He clearly has enormous photographic and artistic talent, and a masterly command of Photoshop. I am mostly moved to write this because I feel sad that so very many innocent people, keen on photography, have said how much they admire the light, not knowing that such "light" can be fabricated. They will try to take true photographs that look like this and wonder what they are doing wrong. (One of my students first mentioned his photos, so I went to look myself.) So please Rarindra, you don't have to say HOW you do it (it is quite fair to keep such superlative techniques to yourself) but at least be honest and tell people that many of your images are as much computer creations as they are photographs. There is no shame in that. You can be proud of true works of art. Honesty will bring respect.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Thanks Any comments are welcome. @Kris: Many thanks...I will more open how to achieve photos like mine. (And thousands email received by me and some have answerd/replied) But please dont say that the light are fabricated. Because I always take photograph early morning in good weather. You sad that I am lie to everyone here?

Alberto Mascali
Kris's question Introduction: the shot is beautiful, but Kris's question is justified. Can we define it a photography? Or painting, or graphic or what? The word photography is derived from ancient greek: fos, fotos = light grafo = to write then , written by light. Not written by photoshop. Best regards.

Jennifer Elser
I think this is an absolutely beautiful image. And I do think it is ok to alter or change your photographs to give them a different feel or quality or highlight what you want to stand out etc, but at what point in altering our photo's does it change from a photograph to a graphic image? if we alter our photo's so much to the point that if simply shown to someone they would not be able to tell whether it is a photo, a painting, etc, can we really still call that photography?? I would honestly love to see this image before the alterations. Either way, it is still a wonderfull image/photo, kudos to Rarindra for having the talent to create such beautiful art.

Ernesto Herrera
nice photo. i'm pretty sure that you used HDR for the technique here and all your photos. don't get me wrong, i like your photos.

Mike Alex
very warm card! Fine!

Fabien Tschantz
Wonderfull !! Wonderfull picture !! Its like a dream !!

Ghita Viorel
Amazing!Hutte hoch!(I agree:is not godfather!) All the best!

Rarindra Prakarsa
Good Father Not God Father, but good father. taken in jakarta

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