a boy play in the background of ray of light in Indonesia. cheer and happy !

by Prakarsa Rarindra

a boy play in the background of ray light kid children happy canon ef f ii eos prakarsa rarindra

Gallery: The kids

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Category: Family

Published: Tuesday 12th of September 2006 12:05:02 PM


Dermot Merrick
Gift to my eyes 7/7 Stunning shot, from composition to mood to atmosphere to light you have it all, well done, keep up the good work

Biswajit Pandey
7/7 Wonderful job, such great light and a beautiful composition. my regards.

Ramesh paramesh
Simply beautiful. How can you get such a drama in picture. Keep it up.

Razaq Vance
7\7 *****!!!!!!!!!!

Ge Ma
Fantastica:la luz,la composicion,el momento,el entorno...es preciosa.

Ekayana Surya
WOW... emank selalu TOP BeGeTe olahannya nich... Great Job! Salam kenal Mas Rarindra...

Umair Ghani
7 - 7 by all standards an amazing shot. regards!

Pulok Pattanayak
PERFECT A story telling image.

Huy Tran
Very beautiful shot. Great lighting. Best regards.

Gelu Vasile
excelent light! very good cromatique. good composition.

Armindo Lopes
Another outstanding image. Tones and light are absolutely fantatstic!

Reth King
Wow... this is great light, well done!

bahhod Ahmed
7/7 The best of the day, Bravo.

Chung Lee
Wow wow 7/7 Just like your othe picture with the family sitting by a tree, this one is also well composed with amazing lighting. Excellent work. This one has more dynamics in it. Also a museum painting quality. Congrat!

Vicki Passmore
Love this shot. Composition and lighting are perfect to capture the mood here.

Ramsey Kunkel
WOW just gorgeous... amazing light and mood

Tomaso Nigris
My best compliments. A wonderfull picture. It's not only light amd atmosphere but also composition is perfect.

Suchitra Vijayan
beautiful !

brook robinson

Babis Babis
Marvellous composition!!!

Jarek Wyganowski
A Gem Excellent light and composition.

Longtang Lin
7/7 this should be the photo of teh week.. perfect composition. color. lighting, and timing Longtang JOHN LIN

Peter Martin
Excellent Terrific capture

Joan Newhall
Beautiful tones. Would be beautiful as a wall hanging.

Andrea R
Wonderful atmosphere. Congrats Rarindra!

Patrick Flynn
Norman Rockwellish This is a very nice, warm image. Your software skills are paramount, your eye for a good image is supurb. Thanks for posting your work for us to enjoy.

Jef Van den Houte
Very beautifull image: the light, the composition, the atmosphere...

Dave Deacon
Excellent shot. Like most of your stuff here.

T. Polak
Stunning portfolio. Your photographs have an almost ethereal quality. I love the way you play with filtered light. Beautful, beautiful work. I can't wait to see more. - Tonia

Parag Madhani
pmadhan As a budding photographer I am learning to create beautiful pictures likeyours. They are just stunning. Your use of light breathtaking.

Jan Olof Härnström
High class Happy, joyful and very beautiful. High class shooting overall and this excellent shot is one of many in your folders. It feels like being there, good thing. Kind regards J O

Manthy M
great! amazing! nice cropping composition lighting! congratulations

iqbal thind
be parvah zindagi where life is limited to few things u r happy bloody damn happy with in ur little no envy very well photographed excellant light effect certainly u deserve 7/7

Laurie Herndon
the swing Rarindra, I have never seen such an impressive portfolio. Each one of your images looks like a painting by one of the masters. It's very hard to even tell if they're photos or paintings. Excellent work.

elaine k
amazing photography - I love your gallery - you are so talented !!

arif nurfadli
aku diajari opoo mas :) pokoe kuren pool

Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
Another successful image. Breathtaking.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Rarindra, you are toasting us with another wonderful photo. Thanks. Congrats. 7/7

muhammad azhar hafeez

Mari R
All your pics are great and unique, thanks for sharing your wonderful art. Congratulations!

Diane Madura
Awesome Rarindra, I love this photo...I love all of your photos. I love the way the lighting conveys a feeling. You're the best.

Nani Hernandez
Exceptional color, congratulation

Candance A Kagan
So rich of life, so perfect. 10/7! Best, VAlerie

Ines Lojna Funtak
WOW As all Your photos, this is again amazing!!!

Roberto Chernitsky
Light is wonderful and light is almost eveything in photography... And what a moment! This is a 7/7 no doubt! Can I give you 8/8? CONGRATS! Roberto

Helmut Plamper
Great compo Rarindra, compliments for your excellent works with marvellous light-effects Greetings from Tuscany helmut

Michael Tommerup

Tina Meikle
Wonderful light and colour in this beautifully atmospheric image...Superb ! Regards Tina.

Tope David
i love the monochromatic approach,the lighting beams in the background heightens the silhouette look , outstanding !!!

annamir abadaniell
Outstanding! Extremely superb shot :)

Daniel Hristescu
Fantastic, congratulations .

Jerry Matchett
This is a first class image. I like the action, the color, the exposure - just about everything, except that I feel you have included too much space above the boy. If you try cropping the picture to eliminate some of the top, it is a much stronger composition.

Kombizz Kashani
An excellent capture with amazing light.

Anuar Patjane
:) Great image. Congrats!!

Chris Wymant
Absolutely superb, and the rest of your portfolio is breathtaking too! Best

Heather Flaherty
Amazing photo. A friend told me once, that if a photo should evoke emotion it has done its job. I have a million thoughts.

jorge fernandez
Rarindra you are showing that there is infinite ways to show light and composition. what a beautiful image full of expressions. Love and Light.

Rajnish Duara
Best shot of the month This is definitely the best shot in last 4 weeks. Absolutely exceptional. The setting, composition, lighting, moment everything seems absolutely perfect. Plese keep posting such pictures. 7/7

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Hi Rarindra Wonderful photo. Wishing you a blessed Easter, Regards, Chico do Vale.

Kathrin K
When Pictures Come Alive You can almost imagine the story behind the picture to each their own version of fairytale. Just beautiful.

Agams Oemar
º∆º wow...great shot bro.....goof tone and nice compo...welldone

Siw Wester
Excellent! BR Siw

Hugo C. Romano
beautiful and atmospheric image . . .

Janet Cull - Western NC

Wow, this is absolutely *just right*!  Incredible, everything about it!  It seems I may have seen your work before, but I'm here looking again.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Good Morning World! #2 I love you all

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