Fox squirrel

by Safronova Marianna

fox squirrel fine photography art seeking critique safronova marianna

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Published: Monday 11th of September 2006 07:49:56 PM


Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Excelente imagen, perfecta luz , bellisimo color y encuadre, magnifica composicion, saludos cordiales Marianna.

Don Guindon
Grand! Digging for his nuts when he should be asleep, excellent catch here!

Marinko Saric
HI One little beast :-) Regards from Croatia.

Christian Testanière

Patrick Flynn
It almost appears over-sharpened on the face and front legs and too blurred on the tail. I would be interested in seeing the photo without any touch up, I love the composition, and you have a very nice subject. Nice photo.

Mark de Leeuw
Nice! I like the graphic effect of the fox's fur. Almost cartoon like. Very good work.

Dancing Dove
This is... precious! `d.d.

Tom Mann

Seriously, a good fun effect.  The only problem is that the name, "Alvin" keeps entering my mind.  (OK, I know they were chipmunks, but you get the idea.)




Tom M

Marianna Safronova
Fox squirrel Commments are welcome!

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