by Duczynski Maciek

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Gallery: Norway

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Category: Landscape

Published: Monday 11th of September 2006 04:44:06 PM


Theo Jacobs
INCREDIBLE!! One of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen on PN. Is this HDR too? If you did, you did it very good. If not, you did a great job with the exposure.

Lyle Carroll
Stunning Such a perfect balance of elements. Everything is where it should be and exposed just right. Gotta love HDR, I need to play around with it more. You clearly know what you are doing. Well done. Lyle

Pawel Sawicki
Good colours and perspective. Lovely place. I really like the composition and clouds here.

Maciek Duczynski
norway Yes Theo, it's panorama stitched of 7 vertical photos HDR, 3 exposures with step 1.33 EV

Paulo Barreto
This wonderful photo is the answer for the question: where it is the paradise? My friend, I don't want to disturb you, but explain to me how to process HDR images? Thank you for your atention.

Jim Goldstein
Stunning Is this a single image or a multistitch panoramic? The lighting is amazing. Its great to see such a dramatic panoramic on here.

Robert Brown
Beautiful light on beautiful landscape! Great shot!

Maciek Duczynski
norway ...

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