Black-crowned Night-Heron, in Morro Bay, CA, July 11, 2005 Note that the tail feathers appear longer in this manipulation (branches removed) - probably not realistic. See for the whole story and to see the original non-edited version

by Baird Mike

black crowned night heron in morro bay ca july no seeking critique baird mike

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Published: Monday 11th of September 2006 05:16:03 AM


Huy Tran
Very nice photo. Best regards.

Mike Baird
Black-crowned Night Heron How could this photo have been better? I know a tripod would have helped, but I did not have one. I also could have shot in RAW. If I had captured both eyes of the bird would that have been better? Or perhaps if I had captured movement during landing or takeoff? Would a fill-flash have helped here. All comments welcomed. Thanks, Mike Baird

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