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Published: Sunday 10th of September 2006 07:28:03 PM


Frank Coenders
Very good picture, the reflections, the colours and the light. Maybe the composition is a little bit aou of balance because of the 1/3 water in the front (on the right it is OK). Neverthless I like it!

Sergio Fabbri

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Magnifica imagen, perfecta luz y color, excelente encuadre y bella composicion, perfecta reflexion, saludos cordiales Maciek.

Fiona Madden
wow this is really stunning. I could look at this view forever!

Francisca Rivera
Splendid reflections. The horizon, centrered, is in the best place for this pic.

Nicholas Bryant
Fantastic Great great great! I might have too cropped a tiny bit on the left but this picture is something! If I may add you did use HDR technic wonderfuly since it isn't too obvious as are many others.

It would be a really great photo if you left it just as it is.

Ryan Carter
I am amazed at the calmness of the water...Nice shot...

marko moudrak
... Maciek, Piekne! I would crop at the sides a bit, especially at left side, and lighten up the corners a bit. Thanks for sharing mm

Dexter Dee Dee
Nice shot, good colors and reflection. Very beautiful place, DDD

Theo Jacobs
Stunning photo. You did a great job of making it look natural, most people using HDR fail hopelessly in this respect. So far I use HDR only in architecture photography, but this is very inspiring to also use it for landscape.

Jana Vanourkova
Wouw, take me there ! cheers Jana

Adam Pelka
WOW ! - jade do Norwegii strzelic taka fotke :-)

Joe Baldwin
balance This is a remarkable picture in many ways: it's rare to see water that is so still, the clouds forming an almost perfect arch, and stark contrast in color provided by the red boats. Did you use a neutral density filter to balance the lighting?

Zachary Bouzan-Kaloustian
Hi, I really like the shot. The depth is great. One question: is this an HDR image?

Duba Scuba
Surrealistic Dream Absolutely beautiful, it's nice to know that beautiful places like this still exist - especially when you live in a concrete jungle.

--- live tv

s. maxwell forman
Stunning! The picture simply jumps out at you in a way that is hard to describe. I am almost waiting to hear the chirping of the birds... We would love to see more of your work.
Was wondering if you have ever done any aviation photography in Norway from a microlight trike? If you are interested, the perspective from our amazing two-seat open cockpit machines might be inspiring.
You can see the video and photography work of our pilots from around the world at our website: http://www.trikepilot.com

Rob Andrews
Perfection as it is... I've seen a few make comments about cropping this picture but the brutal truth is that this picture is perfect as it is. Cropping any of it takes away from the image whole and honestly taking anything off of the left side completely takes away from this image. This is a spectacular picture. The lighting from the left side and the shadow cast is a wonderful dynamic.

Judy Bartlett
Beautiful Like a dream. Gorgeous composition. The light is perfect and very compelling.

Mari R
Awesome, great composition, bravo!

Hugh McWatters
Amazing photo. Fantastic job on the HDR. I would cry if I took a photo this good

Viknesh Nadaraja
Beautiful and inspiring. Can't believe this is HDR. I love the way you did it!

Mari R
Beautiful, like a great dream! Happy Holidays.

Daniel Lyell
Awe Inspiring, these are the shots i dream of taking.

Mauro Moroni
it's actually one of the best landscape shot I've ever seen. Many compliments Mauro

Hernest Ernesti Luchino

Jhay Gamba

rich t

Stéphane Godin
wonderful colors and light with good composition and very crispy details. The three boats are incredibles. Very good job

Jerry Matchett
Although startlingly beautiful, this image has two flaws: the saturation has been stretched beyond believability and the horizon is not level. I offer a different version which I think has a much more profound beauty and is believable. Regards, Jerry

Michael Comerford

Beautifully composed. A well balanced exposure - long enough to get the reflection in the water, short enough not to blow out the highlights. Exceptional


Michael Welter
Nice This is an example of HDR at it's best in my opinion. It's an image that would be almost impossible to capture with traditional means, but it doesn't go over the top as so many HDR images do. In some respects it is closer to what the human eye would perceive at the original location; that is it provides detail in both the shadow and the brightly lit areas. But at the same time the super-saturation of the colours makes the image more striking than the scene likely appeared to the photographer, though not so much as to make the scene look alien. Of course that's just part of it - the amazingly still water and the great composition turn it into a fabulous shot.

David Noble

David Bunting
I think Jerry you are wrong, this image is fantastic as it is

Vilnis Rasins
Only one word - Wow! :)

David Shelby
Perfect image! Well done indeed.

Jacob Freeze
Where is the munchkin? Lovely, but wouldn't it be even better if the munchkin who lives in that house came out to say hello?

(But if you go to the Annenberg Museum of Photography in Los Angeles and break something, the munchkin will disappear.)

Jacob Freeze

Per Hanfsamen
Such a peaceful scene, makes me wanna live right in that house on the right. regards Samen Hanf

Keith Reeder
So nobody else feels that the large dark cliff and its large dark reflection completely dominate and waste the entire left-hand third of the frame and ruin the composition then..? Because I'm afraid it does.

Keith Kimberly
WOW ! Please forgive me if I offend any of those who have offered suggestions for improving this photo . I have been an admirer of the ART of photography for many years and while I consider myself to be nothing more than an aspiring novice when it comes to the technicalities, I am for sure a professional when it comes to recognizing beauty...... This is IT ! I have seen many photos on various sites that I considered stunning and it never seems to fail that there is always someone who makes some comment about how it could have been done..... "Better"..... As I stated I am but a novice at this ART, but it would seem that I have a much better grasp on that very fact.....that photography is an art, than do some who consider themselves veterans or pros....photography is an ART..... and sometimes it is the subtle imperfections in a Work of Art that cause it to be that . I realize that there are techniques that will help, but does every shot have to be absolutely perfect ? It sometimes seems that we are all focusing so much on trying to find the slightest flaw that we waste time looking for those when we could have spent that time and effort enjoying a beautiful scene, or moment . Ok I just needed to vent I suppose . Thanks for the privilage. And to the talented ARTIST who shared this BEAUTIFUL photograph / work of art,..... Thank You Very Much ! Your talent is very much respected, admired ,and appreciated !

George Tetradis
I will put my signiature under Keith's comment and say Bravo to the photographer.

Boyd Hobbs
While it is certainly a great photograph, I don't think it is on the level of most of your pictures in your photo.net portfolio. Your others are much more compelling. To me, the wide angle distortion works against the photograph, the mountain on the left is domineering, the bricks in the bottom right distract, and the half-way horizon feels stagnant (and I'm not a huge rule of thirds guy). The photo you have in your portfolio of simply the the two boats is way better. Perhaps if you cropped it a bit on the top or bottom to lead the eye up or down. And if you get really daring, maybe stretch it lengthwise. Sometimes I stretch out my landscape panoramics to counteract the distortion. And half the time, it works.

Joanna Mazgajska
There is no harmony I see a fragment of splendid view in the centre of te picture far, far away and few another elements which don't match: big dark mountain, a boring house and boats. I don't see any artistic conception here. Another Your pictures were much better.

raghav s
Perfect !!! Absolutely Fantastic... Great shot :)

yunus OGUZ
Mükemmel Huzur Sol taraftaki ev için rezervasyon yapanlara beni de dahil edin. Çok güzel. Suyun oluşturduğu mükemmel huzur. Bu resmi çekeni takdir ediyoruz. Aynı zamanda bu güzelliğin yaratıcısına karşısında eğiliyoruz.

udi shamir
This is Art Great Reflections, Rich Colors. Thanks you for sharing. -Udi.S.

Gerry Underwood
Inspiring Maciek, You have captured a lot in this sunset photo. The shadowed mountain captures a mid distance depth accented by the sunlit mountains beyond. Balancing the shadowed mountain, you have the low light on the house and the right bank and dark blue of the pond. A fine deep blue sky points to the light source in the distance. Light and darkness utilized in a very magnificent way. Great composure as well as photographic quality of light. Tip of the glass to your grand talent.

Great shot awesome ...

Goutham Reddy
Fantastic I am simply mesmerised by the picture!

Roland Burkert
You have got to be kidding The artist has incorporated every cliche' in the book and pasted a bunch of postcards together to create a ridculously un-natural scene. The only way this image makes any sense to me is that the artist is probably pulling my leg to see how I might react. If this artist is taking himself seriously here, then he must have graduated from the Thomas Kinkaid School of Kitsch! Come to think of it, Thomas Kinkaid got rich selling this kind thing. Judging by the responses posted here, maybe this guy is on to something. With all due respect. Roland

John Godwin

I love how perfectly exposed the background mountains are and how pin sharp the water is.


This shot is absolutely stunning.

Chris McVay

I have been working with HDR a little myself and have been unable to make a picture with the depth and clarity of this one. Beautiful composition and execution. The shadowed areas give an almost ominous contrast to the colorful lighter areas. This splits my emotional response to the picture when I view it. Just what art is supposed to do. Thanks for this! I've added it as a favorite.

Maciek Duczynski
Norway ...

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