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Published: Saturday 9th of September 2006 01:30:55 PM


Miguel Lasa
thank you , shot with a digital camaerea 1d mk2

Domen Dolenc
there is ewery word to spare.7/7

kenneth lapikockij
sick...just sick... miguel, 8 day sin a blind. very patient. i would give anything to be able to devote that much time to my lifelong dream and pation... wildlife photography. well done on this shot. after getting this shot i can picture you going nuts in your blind like you just won the super bowl! L.O.L.!!

Pep Mir
EXCEPCIONAL Hay una palabra para definir esta foto Miguel: EXCEPCIONAL!

Fiona Madden
Simply fantastic! Exccellent clarity...great action!

Reencarnacion Cristalero
No estoy de acuerdo con el amigo GONZALO seguro que tu si superas este trabajo , como todas una gran captura , saludos

Daniel Rice
Spectacular Awesome shot. Way to capture a decisive momment. Cheers!

Luca Bertoglio
Absolutely yes!!!! I think when you got it, you have said yes, yes, yes... like Valentino Rossi this Sunday. Great timing, composition and sharpness of your best eagle shot!!! Thank you to submit such images!! Luca

Frank Melchior
Miguel Congrats on the awesome capture here. I have to get out more.

Galo Verduga
Knows What It Wants! Simply an awesome shot. Your guidance told you when to fire off the shutter and you listened. Great job. Galo

Neil Murray
7/7 A classic. Congratulations. Regards, Neil

Joe Tackett
WOW! I'm lost for words. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "Damn" thats a hell of a shot. 7/7

Juan Pavon
Uno mas alucinado con esta espectacular imagen Miguel....Saludos

Illuminated Landscape
Perfect Miguel, this is inspiring, this is excellence, this is photography at its best and your effort is clearly shown here, well rewarded 8 7/7

Pulok Pattanayak

Gonzalo Castellano
Wonderful A stunning action shot. Perfect one more time, I'm running out of adjectives...

Umair Ghani
one can only scream out loud, " WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ! ". magical brillaince & artistic impact on this one. regards!

K. Tseng
10/10 very nice~~~~~~~~~

Fred Frank
Excellent Amazing photo. Congratulations.

Eldar C
Superb! This is simply of the greatest pictures I have ever seen. Congrats, well worth the wait!

Mariusz Pawlowski
7/7 Miguel it is the best shot in last time, best regards.

Michael Haydon
7/7 A truly great catch and capture.

Francisco Pinto
7/7 Awesome photo!

Iren Nagy
Miguel Fantastic capture! Well done! Cheers, Iren

Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Me quedo sin palabras al contemplar esta imagen. Fantastica captura captando la imagen en el instante preciso con una nitidez y una limpieza asombrosas. Una maravilla, enhorabuena.

jerry beecham
Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! Bravo!

Robert G.
Raising the bar again! Yes low rates on good pics , needs to be delt with , Ive had my fair share of them, I dont think it looks good for anyone to have a shot with low ratings on them , when they are 6 or 7 in quality. They should be removed by a moderator. Congrats on a Masterpiece Miguel! Robert

Marc Adamus
Miguel, your passion for the photography of avian species shows through in every aspect of this image. In fact, this is one of the very best images I've ever seen, in any genre of photography. This is a capture of nature and the cycle of life as telling as any I've ever layed eyes on. There is no one I've ever known or ever heard of that works harder to capture birds of all kinds at the perfect moment like you do, and you are rewarded time and time again with world-class exceptional images that define your subjects. This is surely one of the best avian images ever captured, as are several in your vast portfolios. It is absolutely flawless. I can't understand why you would subject the image to silly, meaningless numeric ratings when you, I and everyone who sees this masterpeice knows already how good it is. Anyone who could rate this as average, is suffering from incredible jealosy and acting selfishly and immaturely. So, congrats on another fabulous addition to what I already consider my favorite avian collection. Best wishes in the pursuit of nature and the decisive moment. Marc

Kah Kit Yoong
On further inspection I can see one fault, the blown highlights on the left side of the bird and fish. Doesn't change the original rating of 7/7 though but nobody else has been able to point out any negatives.

Timo Hartikainen
This is a great nature photo. Could you provide some additional information how did you managed to get this shot? Is this a natural thing, these birds catch their food this way? Or was that a dead fish floating on the water?

Barbara D
Stunning This is jaw dropping fabulous!! Unbelievable!!!

John Paul C
4/4 Well done Miguel. I hope you are very happy with this photo. The sharpness and timing leave nothing to be desired. Your finger, equipment and eyes complement eachother well. I can't belive someone gave you 4/4 for this shot. They must have been nude fans. Ah well, I give you 7/7. I would however, love to have seen the full span of the wings. That's not reason enough for me to deduct anything from the 7/7 though. Thanks for sharing.

David Shelby
This is a exceptional photograph with beautiful full-color, and fantastic sharpness, with perceptibly in stop action. Congratulations!

P. Simorgh
the 4/4 rating is ridiculous... 7/7

Stephan Dietrich
WOW! Absolute Perfection ... 10/10 Miguel: It does not get much better than this. Absolutely amazing capture! This has a 3D effect as well. Ditto to what Marc Adamus stated as well. An award winning image.

Jim Kerr
What timing this must have taken......Jim

Leanna Weber
Wow!! This is an amazing shot. Best pic Ive seen in a long time. So much action. Crisp, clear, great light...Wow!

Paul Bertrand
Thanks First of all, thanks for sharing this with us.... I can t believe someome would give a 5 or even a 6 to this photo. I also can t immagine how long you must have been waiting and working to get shoots like this one. It s breathtaking on every aspect. A true masterpiece in nature photography Thank you

Manuel Gonzalez
Felicitaciones Miguel. Es la mejor foto, en todos los sentidos, que he visto en mucho tiempo, como seguidor de tu increiblente buen trabajo creo que con esta foto ya es imposible superarlo, Saludos

Gazzaroli Claudio
Straordinario complimenti un altro capolavoro bravo

Kevin Kratka
In a word... WOW!

Philip Doyle
I don't usually comment even on good avian shots, but as others have said, this is pretty phenomenal! Congratulations!

John Lee
Amazing capture, Miguel. Simply perfect! Regards 7/7

Mark Martin
Dude that is one of the best nature shots I have ever seen! You should submit to National Geographic. This must have been shot with a film camera, Yes? Cheers

Torfinn Johannessen
Stunning shot! Good colours, focus, and exactly the right moment. It is great work. Best regards! Torfinn

Giangiorgio Crisponi
Fenomenale!! Miguel sei un campione, ciao Giangiorgio

Ali Soltani Farani
WOW! brilliant. Great colors. perfect lighting.

Rafik Kamel
wow stunning shot miguel, i love the sharpness on the bird, bravo, regards, RK!

Matteo Gambarini
Non 蠩l mio genere fotografico, seguo spesso comunque i tuoi lavori, il limite e' nel 7, ci fossero ancora 8o9 punti!!!!!! Ciao Matteo

Wendy de Kok
Great action shot with perfect details!

Gary C
Now that's beautiful action and drama. Spectacular nature photo.

Will King
This is a million dollar caprure. Congrats.

Lol Cain
Magnificent shot.

Lennart. K.V. Bardal.
A Fantastic photo.7/7

David Hemmings
Unreal Best photo ever Miguel!

Kelvin Bernard
PERFECT 7/7. Regards, Kelvin.

Mahrashk Meidani
can I give you 8/8?

Louis Blair
Amazing !

Robert Bennett
The Best I'm a huge fan of 'birds in flight' shots, and I've looked at thousand's of them over the last several years. I have to say, Miguel Lasa is The Best. Peace, Bob

Kah Kit Yoong
I can't think of any superlatives which do justice to this story. Just take my 7/7

Ghulam Yasin
11.11 I'm lost for words. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "Damn" thats a hell of a shot. D.D.D.D

Taci Yuksel
Perfect....! Perfect......

Miguel Lasa
Photo taken from a Hide, 8 days in a hide to capture this shot, al wild birds. Fish alive and kicking !!

veli ozkan
7/7 great photo. and what is your lens or lenses? cong.

Jose A Gallego
que te puedo decir.....7/7 simplemente un referente a seguir, mis fotos no estᮠen ese camino-estilo, pero cada vez que veo una de estas tuyas amo m᳠la fotografia y los animales.

matt parfitt
incredible An unbeatable capture 7/7... any tips on shooting birds would be very much appreciated!!!!

Mark Castiglia
Perfection Magnificent!!!

Jarek Grudzinski
7/7 Wow!!! What a shot! Impressive and excellent. Congratulations.

Marko Airismeri
Well yes, I see this happening almost every day and therefore I just don't bother to take photos about it any more ;) Absolutely stunning!

Dariusz Calkowski
Words are cr@p. 8/8

jon clark
This photos is one of the most fantastic photos I've ever seen. Great work. It must put a big smile on your face.

zelai urtzi
fantastica Miguel leo que ocho dias en el hide para conseguirla, pero lo conseguiste, la foto es magnifica en todos los sentidos, felicidades por tu trabajo, Zelai

George Bruckner
Good timing and sharp eye, well done.

Alex Kropp
Incredible action! Terrific capture. 7/7 Alex

Gordon Martin
Simply the best This has got to be the best phot I have seen

Tony Price
7/7 only one word, EXCELLENT

Andy Glogower
This is so incredibly sharp, I beleive I felt a bit of the splach whn I clicked on the picture. Thanks for hiding out for 8 days to get this shot!

Robert Semnic
OUTSTANDING. INTERESTING how fish expression is so calm. I wonder about your position during shoting

S. Corley
Best I've seen I have seen many images of eagles pulling fish out of the water over the years to the point where I've grown bored with the concept. Then I came across this one and I have to say you certainly have out done your-self. Good Job! Stephen Corley

gee raj
So much drama...Wonderful shot.

Olivier SIMON
A dream I spent hours inside a blind to try to capture this kind of scene. This pic is what i'm dreaming to do right now. Bravo i admire your work Olivier

Richard Cox
7/7 Simply stunning. The only thing more incredible is that someone rated this 4/4.

James Proulx
Wow this photo is absolutly breath taking. all around this photo jsut grabs the viewers eye. Well done!

Ruud Albers
Really excellent shot, Miguel! Best regards, Ruud.

Dan Goldman
Miguel, was this one shot of a series/burst of shots? or was this just one shot and you absolutely nailed it? Also, do you regulary sell your photographs?

Derek Moore
7/7 Perfect!

gordan ukic
dugaduga good eys!

Ra'id Khalil
If I ever get one like this, then I could die in peace right after that. Thank you for sharing.

Landrum Kelly
Absolutamente increible. Muy bien hecho. --Lannie

Gary Loveless
Incredible Shot! Congratulations Miguel! The clarity of both fish and bird is fantastic


Billy Bender
This shot is CRAZY COOL! I wish I was the one responsible for this capture.

Iain Smith

Raimondo Marchesin
very good... this is my blog thank you

Phil Armitage
What is there to add... this is my favorite image in Miguel's outstanding portfolio and one of the best wildlife shots I've seen. The framing (or cropping as the case may be), technical perfection and immediacy of the moment combine here to create something special.

César Ruiz

Jeffrey Schwartz
"The Decisive Moment" You have captured the essence of what Cartier-Bresson termed, "The Decisive Moment" Congratulations!!!

Jens Christoffersen
Waaauuuu "The Decisive Moment" 7/7

Gergo Marosi
I would say the best photo i've ever seen. Thanks for sharing

Prasad Veeturi
Stunning Absolutely stunning in all means...

Nick walton
Onoe of the best if not the best avian picture I've ever seen .. can only echo the comments on the low markings on this..just brilliant the framing focus DOF are all outstanding. Nick

Michael Gallagher
Faultless This is nature and action photography at its supreme best. Ten Out of seven!!

Martin B
Great photo, stunning!!!

Harry Lichtman
Unbelievable catch - for both of you. The clarity and peak action is outstanding! 7/7

Gustavo Navarro
looks what a envy! (healthy, of course). congratulations and thanks for sharing it. gustavo.

Gilles Chercuitte
Fantastic! Surely your best shot of all. I like the fact that the catch is so prominent in the frame with great form.

Sinh Nhut Nguyen
Amazing shot, great detail and sharpness. I don't know why somebody gave you a 4/4, must be too zealous I guess, again amazing shot ! 7/7

Mary White
Wow! This shot is so incredible! A split second in time, captured perfect!

Grayham Allott
Fishing Miguel.... this is the most stunning shot I have seen of this type of action, and there are many out there of rapters catching fish. What adds to the impact is the way you have cropped it so tightly whilst maintaining total action. The clarity and colour is superb. Well done and thanks for sharing. Regards

Ann Dream
comment damn thats really nice, love it

Helen Rattray
Stunning photo!!

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa This image has been selected for discussion. It is not necessarily the "best" picture the Elves have seen this week, nor is it a contest. It is simply an image that the Elves found interesting and worthy of discussion. Discussion of policy, including the choice of Photograph of the Week should not take place here, but in the Site Feedback forum.

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So, when contributing to this thread, please keep the above in mind. Address the strengths, the shortcomings of the image. It's not good enough to like it, you should spend some time trying to put into words why that is the case. Equally so if you don't like it, or if you can't quite make up your mind.

Let's make sure this forum is a wonderful learning resource for future photographers!

Thank you and enjoy!

Ken Papai
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Very nice shot Miguel. Perfect timing on the capture and an ultra sharp image. This would look so nice printed large and then framed on the wall. Bravo! all the way.

Will King
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa This photo hands down, is the best wildlife photo I have ever viewed on this site or any where else for that matter. Very well done. Miguel, would you be willing to share how much post processing sharpening you did on this shot?

randy douglas
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa The moment captured here (and the way it was captured, whith the highlights and spread of the water droplets and depth of field) is so good it looks fake, but it's not.

Dave Lamb
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa I know we are supposed to say what we like about the shot, and dislike. There is nothing I don't absolutely love about this picture. The timing is impeccable, and the sharpness is stunning. One of, if not the best nature shot I've seen on this site. I can feel the water spray! 7/7

M.M. Meehan
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Now this is a WOW. There is action, tension, just the right amount of motion blur. The sparkling water drops against the darker background put us right in the middle of the capture of the fish. Perfect DOF. I see the tiny red water drop and wonder if that is a prism type of light reflection in the drop. There is just sooooooo much detail and yet the main subject is not diminished. I had to visit your page, and so saw your magazine cover photos. Congratulations on the publications. Thanks for the fine example of excellent wildlife photography.

Kim Slonaker
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa It's all been said - just perfect timing and perfect shot. It's so detailed it looks like a drawing. Very well done and I'm jealous!

Stephen Penland
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa There is so much action in this photo, yet the timing and sharpness are perfect....leaves me shaking my head at the skill involved to bring it all together.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Fishing by Miguel Lasa I like the shot but it's cropped a bit too tight. I would have liked to see more of the wings, splash etc. Maybe post an uncropped version?

Michael Seewald
No extra space thank you No, you would definitely not want to show more of the wings, as by showing more you would lose the dynamic of where both of the eyes end up in the piece, in the vertices of the rule of thirds. The balance is superb, and by adding more space that would center both sets of eyes towards the middle, and that my friend is not a good thing.

Sac Bee
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Wow, terribly sharp image. I love the details captured in this shot, perfect timing, perfect exposure.

Steve Marcantonio
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Am I the only one wondering how the bird is managing to hold the fish when the claws are merely resting on it's skin and not penetrating at all?

Christopher Gervais
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Steve, Those claws are like needles, piercing the flesh from the side not visible. Absolutely outstanding. Love the crop. so jealous...

Bill Tate
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Please don't get me wrong, but I want more. What's the opposite of crop? I don't know if this image has been cropped, but I suspect it has been. I would like it with a bit more of that wonderful turbulent water at the bottom and a little more wing at the top. Never-the-less, this photograph is the type of thing that all of us want to achieve at least once in ouur lives. Absolutely marvelous. You talk about your WOW factor, This has a WOW POW factor. Did I just make a pun? Sorry. Willie the Cropper

Walter Tatulinski
One Heck of an Explosively Dynamic... depiction of the struggle for life. Miguel, this is Great !

Several comments have been directed towards the crop of this photograph. For me, I like it the way it is. Regards.

Mahgol Amin
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Miguel I do not understand too much of photography but the most powerful point in this picture is fish's eye. great. It seems like they are both talking with you and looking to you in a way trying to say: "Why are you shocked? this is a part of our lives and we both accept and like it!" Good luck

jano lukac
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa The composition and skill of the photographer are magnificent. To critique, I would say the feathers on the head near the eye appear blown out, and the web presentation appears slightly over sharpened.

John Drescher
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa The subjects are separated from the background nicely, The whole photo screams action and it's clear. Who can critique a nature shot like this one, which is more about capturing an event that'll never happen again! Nice job.

Carolina Aravena
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Nice shot. I don't know if you croped the image or what we see is what you capture from your lens. I would like it even better if I could see the wings. Great shot, no blurr at all.

Mary Ball
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Moderator Note: The Photo of the Week is a serious critique forum. Please address the strengths and weaknesses of the image rather than short congratulatory comments ;-) Take a look at the Forum Guidelines which are linked in the Photograph of the Week Link on's home page.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa I love the diagonal composition created by the wing (exiting the frame in the upper right) & the eyes of both the bird & the fish & ends with the water splash in the lower left. I also like the amazing clarity of both eyes. But, one thing that keeps drawing my eyes away from the subjects is the little "flare", of what I assume is a water droplet, in the upper left outer quadrant. As minuscule as it is, I can't block it out. I think it detracts from the perfectly timed capture.

noah mcl
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa While this might be a good nature shot, I would not give it a very high rating for originality. There are (and have been) thousands of shots of birds pulling fish out of water, and I cannot really tell what makes this original. Yes, the bird is in perfect focus and there is water frozen in motion, but that has been done before. One may argue that any subject has been done to such a point as to render it inherently unoriginal. Female nudes are a perfect example: How many different ways can one take a picture of a woman? The answer is an infinite amount; the complexity of the human body in combination with the myriad of possibilities of lighting and composition mean that it is close to impossible to exhaust this category. With the above picture, the photographer is limited by his static position and the predictability of the bird. On the other hand, 99.9999% of the nudes being made today are unoriginal. For a bird picture to be original, it would have to be something no one has every seen and few have imagined. i am curious to know what exactly makes this photo original.

Kaushik Ramakrishnan
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa i agree with noah... i do not find it as stunningly original... although given the time constraints of such shots i doubt the photographer can do much about originality... one more thing that bothers me about this shot is the sheer amount of water in the air... im frankly not a fan of this much sharply focussed water... it makes the image (very) chaotic and since they appear so sharp they (imho) dont add to the motion/speed/action that the rest of the picture is trying to convey... in conclusion, i am not particularly awed by this photo, however it is definitely accurate in its representation of nature...

Erik Adams
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa At first, I also thought the crop was too tight. But this photograph is really about dramatic angles and getting in tightly on the action. Being close up also emphasizes the texture of the water. It almost looks like it's coming out of the plane of the photograph. The background does have a couple of distracting elements, which should be toned down.

Phineas Tarbolde
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa It would have been nice if the full majestic breadth of the wingspan was caught on film --errr, i mean --- CCD/CMOS rather than having the wings "clipped". still an impressive shot.

Miguel Lasa
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Phineas , not sure about the filter in ps you are talking , postprocessing included levels , and contrast adjustments.

Byron Lawrence
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa this is a photograph that tells a story! .. to see a picture of something like this really doesn't do it justice.. but this comes close! I like the hopeless look of the fish! and even though it is a fish it reminds me of this.... Thus said the hawk to the nightingale with speckled neck, while he carried her high up among the clouds, gripped fast in his talons, and she, pierced by his crooked talons, cried pitifully. To her he spoke disdainfully: `Miserable thing, why do you cry out? One far stronger than you now holds you fast, and you must go wherever I take you, songstress as you are. And if I please I will make my meal of you, or let you go. He is a fool who tries to withstand the stronger, for he does not get the mastery and suffers pain besides his shame.' So said the swiftly flying hawk, the long- winged bird. - Hesiod maybe?

Paula Grenside
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Not a fan of birds and fish shots, but this is remarkable for the perfect timing that frames an incredible moment in the cycle of life. Congratulations on this capture and its rendering.

John Marsden
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa This is a great capture. But is it perfect 7/7? Aesthetics in wildlife photography I think is always an oxymoron. You have to work with what ever the animals happen to be doing and where they are doing. Often with only fleeting nano seconds to capture an image and often with less than perfect backgrounds etc. Here the long lens has thrown the background out of focus and make the subject sing out at us. (The bright orange/yellow highlight on the left I would remove - it detracts from the subject and does not alter the meaning of the picture in any way.) The ultimate framing for me is just a fraction too tight at the bottom - the curve of the fish is interacting with the photo frame rather than with the water it has been stolen from. The splash of water on the bottom left is coming out of the picture frame not the lake /river itself. The dramatic diagonal of bird wing-body leads the eye beautifully to the fish, this with the implied movement to the right and frothing water gives the image its impact. Spending days in a bird hide to get good images sounds like hell on earth but I suppose you get chance to meditate and relax. The efforts that one has to go through to capture an image should not be factored into a criticism of the image. It does count though in appreciation of the photographers effort, but just because you feel you couldn?t do that doesn?t mean you should be less critical of the photo produced and presented.

Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Brilliant! I only see strengths here. Few of us will ever combine light, depth of field, composition and timing in such an awe inspiring image.

david thrower
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Fantastic image - well done. The only thing that bothers me is that the claws dont appear to penetrate the fish at all - they just seem to rest on the side on the fish. Is that normal for such a violent natural event.

Denis Dobardzic
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa man, this is AMAZING photo. excellent capture, colors, sharpness and everything. just great photo

Randy Lorance
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Amazing work. Your capture of the "capture"! Fine detail from the bird's eye to the fish's spots. I don't feel that the parts of wings out of frame particularly detract, the tight frame brings the action right to you, almost expect to feel the water drops hit my face.

Janet Berg
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Either this is a perfect shot or it is manipulated and I can't decide which. There's something about that fish.

Landrum Kelly
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa I'm trying to enjoy this, but I find myself looking at this from the fish's point of view. Sorry, Miguel. It's a great shot, one of the best I have seen of this type of photography. --Lannie

Marcelo Albuquerque
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Amazing shot. Very sharp and it manages to catch the bird and the fish in a perfect moment. There have been other similar shots but these are not very easy to come across. As for the water, I like the effect of the waves and splashes below the fish. It conveys motion very well. I can't say the same about the almost static drops of water in the upper part of the image. They are very distracting. But overall this is a great shot. Congratulations.

Miguel Lorenzo Posada
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa I think that the photo it?s more than a bird fishing. Perfect focus. Perfect moment. Very intersting composition. M.Lorenzo

John Wright
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Wow. This is the sort of action photo that wildlife/nature photographers dream of capturing. It takes a lot of hard work and patience, and practice (there is a reason I mostly photograph plants)! Perfect timing, perfect sharpness.

Aida Servi
Maravillosa Enhorabuena Miguel. Una foto espectacular ;) Aida Servi

Rajesh Patel
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Miguel its an AmAzInG shot...good focus, i don't know more about photography... The bird timing was good in catching the fish & your timing was best that you capture bird catching the fish..... simply brilliant..

ruggero bernasconi
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Very nice image... I like the colors and the light... Amazing work. Ruggero

Steve Georgon
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa It's a "keeper!" Wow, that is just one fantastic shot! I don't see a weakness, it's wonderful, sharp detail, fast shot, just wonderful! Beautiful work!

edmund leary
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa I'm with Janet...there IS something about the's tooooo perfect

Bhargav S
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa Great shot, perfect timing, ultra sharp. The expression on Fish's face is like it has given up & just praying to god!.

Ioan Stoenica
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa it takes more then a great camera to make this happen... nice, i like it!

Aaron Hutsell
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa One Word.... Amazing!!!!

Mariusz Syperek
Response to Fishing by Miguel Lasa i see your photo in magazin very nice image

Miguel Lasa
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