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Gallery: Norway

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Published: Friday 8th of September 2006 03:22:06 PM


Jenny Catron
Absolutely stunning shot. Great work.

Pulok Pattanayak
So calm image! Excellent DOF, exposure.

Derek Scott
Awesome reflection and great sky above. The rocks are a perfect match to the mountain. Well Done.

Nora DeBoard
Beautiful! The composition is fantastic. I love the sky and how blue it is. As well as how calm the reflection is with the sky in it. This photo is so clear and crisp. What a beautiful and relaxing place. Makes me wish I were there. Great job.

Dominick Clos
Amazing! We can feel the purity of the air, the transparency of the colors!!! great great composition!

hans molenkamp
Oh... it's so temptive. That little pond on the foreground? I like to stretch myself in it and wait for some seconds before running out screaming that it is SO cold. Very atractive image.

Els Baltjes
Beautiful! Colors, composition, depth, all so right! Well done!

R. Scott Anderson
Nice! Excellent persective shot!

Christopher Harris
Perfect! Maciek, this image is one of the very best I've ever seen! The composition, the exposure, the depth-of-field, the colors - everything just works. But to you go the kudos, as it was your eye that spotted this incredible scene and then helped the camera capture it. It is ever so beautiful! Congratulations, and keep up the good work. Best regards, Chris

Juan Pavon
Very beatiful, good compo. Regards

Greg Cope
Wow, very cool. There's something about this photo that makes it just POP! Well done.

Alejandro Emilio Fernandez
7/7 Explosion de belleza, luz, color y magia. Felicidades.

Hannu Eskelinen
Seems like 17-40mm L is not enough with 5D. Distortions and soft edges are quite obvious on the corners. But hey, exellent landscape photo. I'd sure stayed there for longer to see how it ends in a sunset...

Nilesh Dhakras
This picture is like education for me! Recently I visted a very beautiful lake. And now I wonder, after seeing this picture, wthether I should visit it once again to shoot something like this!! Absolutely wonderful work. Regards.

Dan Hoover
Powder's friend We wonder why Grieg's music was so beautiful? Gaze at his homeland. These photos SING.

Maciek Duczynski
Norway ...

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