by Prakarsa Rarindra

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Gallery: The Kids II

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Category: Family

Published: Thursday 7th of September 2006 01:32:23 PM


Suchitra Vijayan
your images are beautiful emotions complimented with solid colours but am not sure about the thick border you render .. you images will stand out even without these borders. It doesnt add anything to the image.

Cherlyn .
Such joy that I can feel ust by looking at this photo. The light is perfect.

Jim Hoffman
Excellent photo! Best regards,Jim

Claude Corbin
Great image: the light is gorgeous and the children's expressions are very well captured. Just to complain about something, the bright leaves at the top left are a bit distracting.

Biswajit Pandey
Beautiful image, well captured expressions, touching, nice play of light and shadows. Regards

Panayotis Papadopoulos
Excellent shot!!! 7/7 cheers! Panayotis

suresh gundappa
7/7 Grat shot but border is taking attention away.

Sándor Leitner
Stunning one .. !
Kids are kids all over the world, God bless them !

James Lineen
Wonderful moment and expressions caught in beautiful lighting. I would agree that the leaves in the top left hand corner are distracting. I feel the image would be strenghtened by cropping the left side about 1cm or so to remove this. Otherwise perfect.

Karl Schuler
Great fun. Karl

alk is
Dreamwork! (with a minor obstruction by the leaves on the left)

zaheer malik
great great shot i just like the way you captured the mood.

Dillan Koropatnick
I love the shot, and I love the sentiment here too. I hope one day that I can see this Indonesia too.

roger --
Taken in Indonesia, but hopefully a portrait of carefree and happy times we all had in our younger years. Timeless and universal. One of the more wonderful photos I've viewed recently.

Stefania Ruzzi

John North
it's a good work!

Marek Mengel
Sorry, I am worthless to give points for such Images :) Superb work and superb Photo Artist.

Jitka Unverdorben
beauty , jitka

scott clarke
A master of light. Truly !

Emmanuel Enyinwa
This picture evokes so much deep emotion in me. There is a famous picture of Vietnames children, their bodies alight with napalm, running out of a burning city. This picture is the opposite, of thre happy children running out of a luminous landcape, their little faces alight with JOY. What a PERFECT exposition.

faruk demirbaş
thıs photograf is very good and alive. ı congratulation you.

Ryan Welch
wow what a mind blower what inspires you and what kind of gear do you use

Peter D Martin
Great vision & timing, but i find this photo looks very artificial, almost as if the kids were superimposed. For me, it could be from an advertisement of some description. Im sure the Raw image had more power, would be good to compare.

Rarindra Prakarsa
Good Morning World We are Indonesian kids....., how are you? Peace!

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