Mr Prawiro, a fortune teller

by Prakarsa Rarindra

mr prawiro a fortune teller oldman canon powershot g prakarsa rarindra

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Published: Wednesday 6th of September 2006 01:01:14 PM


putu suanditha
great!!! indah sekali mas rarindra... jumpa lagi nih..

Amar Khoday
I love his expression and the details that you captured in his face.

Stefania Ruzzi
Amazing portrait,wow!

Ali Soltani Farani
Congrats! Great work! colors and lighting perfect.
Regards; Ali.

sevgin vural
his expression is so intense.. amazing work!

francesco flotti
Bravo! Eccezionale elaborazione, bella espressione. Ciao Francesco

Huy Tran

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Bella imagen, perfecta luz, color , gran composicion y un magnifico encuadre, saludos cordiales Rarindra.

yuhanna esfandiary
hello very very nice.

Cherlyn .
Definitely a 7/7 portrait. The lighting & composition is perfect. Alos love the painting-like effect. Superb portrait.

Eric Peiffer
What a portrait !!!!!! Your photo is very great. Congratulation Eric

Rayhan Sharrief
Solid.. Detail yang sangat tajam dan warna tegas membuat foto anda begitu real.. keep up the good work..

Ruud Albers
Very nice work, Rarindra!

Ken Simm
It does not matter how much work you put in with the camera and how much with Photoshop! If this superb result is what you wished for then what matter the tools? A painter does not complain what brush he uses, a sculptor what chisel, a poet what words. This is rapidly becoming the arguement. Why not talk about the image rather than how it was achieved? Regards Ken.

Dinko Franic
Rate I would rate this with 8 :)

Mark Pummell
Well done A really solid shot Rarinda... you should be proud!!!

Christopher Azzopardi
Amazing. This is really great. Well done!

Giovanni Cantone

Mehdi Hosseini
Great Just Wonderful!

Anto Puppi
it is a pity that it has been worked by PS, I guess it is worth just as it has been shot At any rate bravo Anto

Teresa Zafon
Superb!. Congratulations Rarindra.

Gerry O
Well Done Incredible shot, beautiful. 7/6

Nice superb photo, cheers, MR.

Marc G.
Your technical details speak for themselves: "level/dodge/burn/saturation not a painting!" I find it interesting that you felt the need to explain that it wasn't a painting. It just helps to confirm what I first saw, and I'll serve you again the same comment as on the other photo: too much post-production work kills the photograph's natural beauty. This is an AMAZING portrait... So please post another unmanipulated version, or, at most, MILDLY manipulated. I wouldn't bother posting these comments if I didn't see you as an excellent photographer. Don't cover up your great work with wall paint. :-) Selamat petang, kawan ! :-)

Edwin Prasetyo
keren Mas Rindra , keren bgt, slm knl mas, Mas ajarin dong, dari cara ambil photo nya sampai retouch nya, keren bgt pokonya, jdi pengen bisa, soal nya baru pemula nih mas, pokoke K E R E N

Ozgur Donmaz
the most beautiful portraits i have seen here... congrats!

Omar Havana
can u tell me where in the world u show your photos, i want to see them in front of me, this is a wonderfull, well a perfect way to take pictures, u are a teacher for me thanks

Hasan Ghodrati
Wow! I feel really privileged to see your pictures, YOU are my master. Regards - Hasan

Armin hajikhani
Hi very wonderful.

Dennis Porter
Fortune teller To answer Ken Simm. Your right about a painter and his brushes. But does the artist take a projector and project a picture on the canvas and then paint the picture. Photography is what one see's thru his eye's. Not to take the picture, then super impose it or manipulate it, with PS..Come on..These look like oil paintings than they do photographs..It is nice work though.

Taher Jarrahzadeh
7/7 Excellent ! Excellent, Color and light are very good, i like it. Well done.

scott clarke
I am not sure where the ps starts or stops with your work, it really makes no difference. Wonderful portfolio. A pleasure for sure. Something here for everyone to learn from. Regards.

Jase Rain
mhm-ish I agree with Dennis. I myself would prefer the old man unchanged by software. Natural. However it is still a lovely picture. =)

Sheldon Levy

tomer ben avi
tomer ben avi

Antoine Dagobert
Congrats!!! Just don't mind with all the things about photograph or painting Sir..I like you because you have your own style..and that is art!! Congratulation Maestro!

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful portrait,

Jan Erik Hermansen
wow.. you have so many great pictures, the lights in all of them are fantastic. Many of the portraits look like they have the Dragan-effect. Have they? Probably the best bortefolio I`ve seen her so far!

Emma Parra
Good work congratulations

Sandra HÃ¥kanson
Absolutely stunning. it has a wow factor . 7/7 Best regards /Ssandra

Matt Kelton
Antoine: He has his own style? there are a million photos on this sight with the same "style," over sharpened-over saturated. The work is eye-catching. But, one critique here goes so far as to say "really solid shot" when the fact is we have no idea what the "shot" looks like because the post-processing is so heavy.

cyril erbin
Good work Yes, a beautiful portrait! However, I think that your post production work (i.e.Photoshop) is too obvious and is killing the strength of your pics. Instead of enhancement, I think it is more spoiling than anything. More nuance would give a better result for sure ! Cyril Erbin

Ajayan Poyyara

Brilliant lighting. Inspiring. 7/7


Sal Alvarez


Rarindra Prakarsa
Street Fortune-Teller He is Mr Prawiro, fortune teller in the street of jakarta.

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