Pest II

by Siro Anton Seth

pest ii siro anton seth


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Published: Tuesday 5th of September 2006 03:58:16 PM


Rich Hugunine
For some reason this image evokes the Roman gods of the underworld: those called upon for retribution and justice. I marvel at your attention to detail.

Bianca Van Der Werf
Pjoeiii.. Glad to see something again expelled from your brain.... This image is so amazing. It's dark, religious, symbolic and hopefull in a pure way.... For me you are truly the greatest artist Siro, I wish you show us some new art every week, hahaha. Greetings from Holland!!

Darius Tulbure
Lost Paradise Although I`m familiar with several works from your portofolio, and I even rated/commented some of your works in the past, today is the first time when I visit your whole portofolio... I`m impressed... actually I think there are only few artists on which made such an impression on me!

Lost Paradise is a strong series - you managed to create hell. I very much appreciate the use of cult and satanic symbols, like tup head, horns, reversed cross, wings, ravens, fire, gothic cathedrals, black and red chromatic scales etc.

In particular, I find this image pretty strong because of this bizzare figure... how could I call it? A humanoid tup? It makes my hair stand on end, like in the case of Extendable Figura.

Great work, the kind of work that makes me feel my work in shallow and inconsistent.

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