Pest I

by Siro Anton Seth

pest i seeking critique siro anton seth


Tags: seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 5th of September 2006 03:56:59 PM


Esther Valentino
Amazing image, not just visual acrobatics like many other people do with the same tools. Your images expose humanity's soul in an unapologetic manner, every square is a piece of art not merely an artifice. Passion in every shade, in every configuration.Transformation into the essence they destroy the fireworks and burn the soul with all its secrets into this image . Psychology and sociology extracted and presented to the eyes of the guilty. My most sincere reverence to your mastery of the revelation the seen and unseen of existance.

Seth Siro Anton
Thank you Esther for your comment... My regards

Emrah Icten
ohohow superb my friend ! ..

Hekate Hek
excellent... strange... makes me think of Leonora Carrington

Rich Hugunine
Reminiscent of Vasari's dome in Santa Maria del Fiore, and of Hieronymus Bosch. I wonder if you, like Bosch, use images of demons, half-human animals and machines to evoke fear and confusion to portray the evil of man. Or in this particular image, the evil of The Church or organized religion in general? Again, your immaculate attention to detail astounds me.

Steven Johnson
WoW! Great work!!

Darius Tulbure
Catholic Church during the Inquisition - that is the Pest!

Seth Siro Anton
pEST thanks

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