Waiting Room

by Gordley James

waiting room seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Thursday 31st of August 2006 10:41:42 AM


Tyler Wind
Come on James, I'm trying to GET AWAY from work looking at photos and you take a picture of my workplace! :( I'm teasing...you did a good job of capturing the loneliness and isolation--well done. And, this is about as "pretty" of a picture as you can make of a hospital lobby. Good work!

James Gordley
Sorry about that Tyler...if only I would have known I might have placed a warning before viewing. This image has received the lowest numerical ratings out of all of my posted images. I suppose there is something missing in the message or intent of the photo. For those of you that rated this below average. I respect your opinion and can only ask for your critique on how I might improve on what you see here. Is it the subject matter? Or do you see something photographically wrong with this image...help me out here.

James Gordley
Waiting Hospital waiting areas can be lonely places, waiting for word on the condition of loved ones can further isolate and separate those that wait from all other realities. This photograph hopefully captures that isolation and loneliness.

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