Zd 357

by Peri John

zd seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Bits and Pieces !

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 29th of August 2006 05:49:32 PM


Al Li
Can't shoot like this in the good old USA. I need to come shoot in enlightened Europe. :-)

Alter Ego
John- He seems a bit "Excited" about the shot! A shame you had to block her eyes, but what can you do? I would love to see what she's thinking.

Jonathan Charles
It's just a phase - I think I've seen quite a lot of his work on photo.net! Well captured. Best wishes, Jonathan

Tanya Truong
Hehe! I agree with you Alex. Let's pack to Europe to join John at this beach ;o). John, that's ...funny...;o).

john young
Great image.

John Peri
I meant funny "sight" of course!

Loic Laurent
Great funny shot, i'm agry, it will not take portrait!!!

Pawel Sawicki
Funny scene indeed... Macro photography you may say :). You could ask him to exchange results... I wonder who did better :).

Nicholas Chalko
Comedic I think this picture captures youth... and a little bit of comedy about being youthful.

John Peri
I came across this funny site on the beach ... I don't think that the young man was very intent on taking any portraits ... !

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