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by Downs Jim

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Published: Sunday 27th of August 2006 02:59:54 AM


Cherlyn .
Choatic yet such a nice abstract. Well seen.

Jim Downs
Gerhard, I fear I would have been there the better part of a day had I tried to clean them all. It must just be the reflection of the sky. However, the motorbikes were for the most part clean and well-maintained. This was taken in Taipei, Taiwan which has the highest ratio of motorbikes to cars that I have seen in any densely developed city. The traffic is not light but far less congested than you would expect for a place so densely populated. Between the extensive use of motorbikes and a heavily used subway system, pollution seems to be minimal. This probably contributes to the apparent cleanliness of the bikes.

Jim Downs
Kim, I think it is a bit like people who say that all Orientals or all Mexicans look alike. However, if you look at them closely each has truly distinctive features. The same with the motorbikes. Each one has a distinctive feature and when it becomes important to be able to distinguish, your eye and mind somehow learn to identify them. This is coming from a guy who once dated a woman who had an identical twin. During the first three months of the relationship, it was extremely difficult for me to tell them apart. But then one day, I whispered a "term of endearment" to the wrong one. As a result of that little mishap, my brain sharpened its focus and always got it right from that day forward!

Gerhard Potgieter
Fabulous shot - well done in capturing an everyday scene and yet change it into a scene that forces you to take a second and third look! Did you 'clean' the mirrors or is it just the empty sky reflecting in all of them?

Barbara Corvino
You've got a great eye to see this scene and to turn it in an abstract. Ciao Barbara

Barbera P
black&white Very well seen! I like the black and white!

Karl Schuler
Well seen, original idea, good composition. Karl

J Perez
"They are mirrors on motorbikes parked compactly and with great precision as only the Taiwanese can do so artfully!" That makes this photo all the more fantastic. Cheers, J

A.K. Sircar
Very good abstract.

Sujith Nair
++A++ I see this kind of sceane all the time in India, but would never have imagined to capture it with much beauty. Good Work.

Jim Downs
They are mirrors on motorbikes parked compactly and with great precision as only the Taiwanese can do so artfully!

J Perez
I really enjoy this as an abstract and it really works in b&w but I still would like to know what it is I am looking at, glasses, mirrors, what...? Cheers, J

Dan Mitchell
comment Very nice - it took me a moment to figure out what I was seeing.

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Superior imagen, belleza de luz B/W, gran composicion, con un exclente encuadre, saludos cordiales Jim.

Lee Jianmin
Fantastic eye!!!

Marco Neri
WOW Very good, great picture, well done

Linda McLellan
amazing!!! both the motor bikes parked together so tightly, and the photo of them, which is brilliant documentary and art at the same time! fantastic!!!

Dhruba Dutta
very good shot sir! and thank u for taking the time to comment on my photo.

Pierre Dumas
GungaJim you're getting deeply into abstracts! This picture shows me that you're advancing fast, ha! The puritans of the aesthetics will tell you to flip it horizontally. I will not! Cheers to that!

Frank Sines

Great shot. Very nice. FS

Jim Downs
Abstract in B&W Thanks for having a look.

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