Street Sadness

by Downs Jim

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Published: Sunday 27th of August 2006 02:59:36 AM


Arond A.
How do you like it when they beat their head on the pavement. Pretty freaky, no. My first impression from the thumbnail was that he was scaling a rock climbing wall at a gym. Not too many homeless folks around Taipei, but they're there. I see them in and around Taipei Main Station & Snake Alley. Much less confrontational than American style homeless, I must say.

Jacqueline Anderson
Jim~ Your image touched me immensely. I am forever appalled at the lack of respect humans have for one another. For the amount of money that floats around studying the causes of homelessness and the grants that go out to report on it and survey just seems outrageously irresponsible of governments (and our societies!) to allow this to continue. This poor man. This poor man just lying on the hard concrete. It's pathetic..... many homeless are suffering from not only these physical hardships but with psychological and neurological disorders that go completely unattended...making their futures......bleak. I for one Thank you for sharing these realities on this site!

Denise L
Heartbreaking Jim, a very powerful and heartbreaking image. It could be anywhere. We've achieved so much but still fail so miserably. Denise

Jim Downs
Street Sadness One of the few street persons I saw in Taipei

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