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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 20th of August 2006 06:31:55 PM


pantelimonescu tudor
The white area behind the girl is distracting my eye the rest is excellent! light tone of the skin and well composed

John Peri
Thank you, that's interesting. I placed the model behind the white panel area so as to bring out the hair. Unfortunately, working with a flash only, I would not have sufficient control over the lighting to cope with it otherwise. It is also possible however that with a unified dark background, the photo could lose some impact.

Pawel Sawicki
It looks very pathetic :). Almost statue like. That is why I find it funny. Just a bit of exagaration. I like it.

Mark Boyer
It's a beautiful composition that is aptly titled. Her expression is perfect, too.

Brad Kim
Classical and elegant, John.... I like it!

Howard Lipan
Love the pose and sinewy muscle tone of the model. She appears to be really fit, like a dancer. I especially like the dark tones -- it creates a boudoir mood and gives intimacy to the image. Your creative vision is well executed -- I am inspired to sculpt her. My comments for improvement? Just a couple of minor suggestions. Consider cropping it to portrait perspective rather than landscape. In addition, I would prefer the background be either all dark or all white. The white, hard-edged rectangular background object doesn't really work to advantage, although the image of the model is so strong that the backdrop is not that noticeable on first viewing.

Tore Nilsson
A good picture John, I like the compose and the dark tone in this image. Maybe I would try to bring up the contrast a little bit more with a smooth s curve. But that?s just a question of personal taste. Best regards Tore

David McCracken
Perhaps Portrait... I am not sure what is going on at the top of the image but the head feels a touch tight. Because you have shot this in landscape your style can be seen. I am just wondering if you had shot it in portrait if I would have recognised it as one of yours.

Alon Eshel
I really love the softening in this photo . Great work

John Peri
Sculptural composition .

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