ZD 341

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 19th of August 2006 10:50:38 AM


Tanya Truong
This is my most favorite in your recent photos John. She seems so relaxed that she is not even awared of the camera. I also like the fingers...in action :o). Warmly, Tanya.

Pierre Dumas
Good picture I would have moved the camera a little bit upwards. Just a little, cause of the balance. Noire et blanc - c'est toujours beaux! John, please see mine of today, it's a joke, I wonder how will it be accepted!? Thanks PDE

Michael Murchie
Great shot John! I like the candid look and the reflection on the table....and as always a beautiful model :) Mike

Pawel Sawicki
The most I like this tentative smile that you almost hidden. Very well composed with this glassy table. Nice, natural and very normal. Good work.

Marielou Dhumez
Tres beau cadrage et tres beau N&B

Crina-Paula P.
6/6 I like it!...

John Peri
Many thanks Marc, very generous of you .... no, have done almost nothing with couples .... though there are a couple in my file ...... Hmm .. now if you two want to pose for me .... :-)

Mark McCune
Great work Wow! What a portfolio. I love all the work. Absolutely love the pop art photos. I looked at all your photos and I like this one the best. I think it is the natural setting and the black and white. I was wondering if you ever did seductive couples. My girlfriend and I were looking to find something for our bedroom that wouldn't offend the preteens in our house but was still seductive. We've looked with little or no success. Keep up the great work. Mark

Brad Kim
Great work, John! It's real fun to re-visit your pages from time to time, and every time I find new gems! Cheers!

John Peri
Figure studies and body parts cont .. ..

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