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Published: Friday 11th of August 2006 12:32:11 PM


dzsh rdydtii
I like this kind of jewels :-) show as more

Basil S.
guys, uh. . . its adhesive backed gems, not water, honey or anything else - hence the title: 24 jewels. At first I thought: "No way! She had THAT many piercings THERE?" Then I looked at the larger image. Impressive light work, texture, etc. Very clean and focused. interesting concept.

Fran Garcia
a creative use of one of the feminine most interesting parts, excellent idea the idea of the drops of water enchants to me. after all, the art is imagination a greeting from Spain fran

Bodyline Photos
Very original. nice work

Mario Ionescu
great i only can say that this is real art i cant look at that as porn is magikal done. congrats

Evgeny Brook
7/7 Very impressive and beautiful!

M Swift
Well done. I just completed a series of images showning all the female parts...nothing was hidden. I don't hink I will post them on my gallery due to the fact that as soon as a vagina is shown in an image its seems people scream PORN! I just don't think this is the case. I don't think any part of the body should be off limits to photography. I like this image a lot.

Antonio F
??????????Really I don't understand: Is postprocessing, water drops, honey...........what is it??? Hovewer in very nice Antonio

Alexandre Guerra
Highly original, I like it! The low-key works very well here too.

Martin Kovalik
... its little glass stones (realy handmade)

Niclas Forsberg
Why up side down? Special nice is the dark tones. Very fine greytones, superb! But I,am still not compl sure.... is this to revealing and exploating.... yes I think so. I take a fast look end then go to next picture. Beutifull? Yes, the whole body is... MVH Niclas,

Mc four
6/6 Congratulation!!

Don Lally
Look at it upside down If you look at it upside down it looks like one of the seven dwarfs. This one is probably happy.

D. Munteanu
My bow to Biliana. And let me add that the aesthetic difference between this and a penis in similar posing (if one can somehow find a model to duplicate it) doesn't amount to much.

Anatomical regurgitation, if you ask me. Men are, indeed, embarrassingly sexual and sometimes bovine in their tastes.

Richard Todd
Sigh! In her aesthetic superiority Belina has urged that we be more creative with a vagina. She has a point, in a way, since you can't even see the vagina in this photo. But perhaps we shouldn't quibble over her using the wrong V-word, I think her point is clear enough. Still, I'm not sure why she finds it necessary to belittle such an expertly rendered image of something that, as she surely must know, some of us find excruciatingly lovely.

Marina Pandora
Tks Martin Thank you to celebrate with poetry a woman's body. If I counted right, that should be the 24th jewel. I'm afraid I can't understand what's all this fuzz about feeling...offended. This photo makes me proud of being a woman, even more if there are men who can look at us as queens with sparkling crowns.

Sasha Bulovic

Denny Taroreh
nice nice idea...... :D

Nathan David
very well done, but who says porn can't be art? i notice a lot of people discussing the difference between art and porn. why can't they mix?

Rob Golding
Really original photo! Personally I would do away with the title in the bottom left hand corner but thats about it. I was interested in my girlfriends opinion...so I called her in to have a look.....and she loves it! Curiously enough...she's just gone out....I think she might be after some of those sticky back jewlel things! Congrats on a great photo!

Bela Laszlo Molnar
Well. Everything is relative. Human body is beautiful, specially in the younger age. But as an image to the PN,. . . . I can't understand, how can you call this image beautiful. It is frightening. I had seen much more beautiful images from that part of body in some of those erotic web sites. Maybe, the PN supposed to change the background to blue. I painted and draw a lots of nude images in my life, as an artist, but I would never shown that way a human body part. I just don't understand all those comments. Or it is a joke....? It is very tasteless joke, indeed. Bela

Omega NC
25th Jewel I'd label it 25th jewel. Magnificient photo (technic & composition)

Frank Schifano
It certainly is interesting, and I do like the low key treatment. I think it might be a little better with the lower most jewels a bit sharper, just a bit more depth of field is all. Still, this is pretty neat. It is an unusual perspective on the female anatomy, and one that definitely not pornographic.

Howard Vrankin
Repulsive, to me. But hey, it's apparently still a free country.

Chris Waller
It looks like some kind of sea-creature or alien life-form! I'm intrigued. How did you fix the diamonds in place? And your model must have had enormous patience to wait while they were fixed in place. Fascinating idea!

chaitanya das tamayo
MY MY an alternative title could be "24-eyed alien." looks like one(a scary one at that) to me(at least).

Gaspard Morel
Nice job!

Carlos Enrique Vega
VNW Very nice work. I think it would be better without the stones. It is normal that some people like some art materials and some people don't.

David Lewis
Absolutely stunning ! Warmest regards. David R. Lewis

Martin Kovalik
24 jewels

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