"Snorklers' Delight"

by Tsoi Wilson

snorklers delight seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 11th of August 2006 12:20:47 AM


JooKeat Tan
Hi Wilson Thanks for recognising my work. I still draw my inspiration from your work. Love your colour saturation and unique composition. Cheers!

cyrus K
Wilson, So, this is where you have been, nice! What is there not to like about this. The composition is really good. The colors are strong and saturated without any hint of burn in the yellow. The skin tones are just fine and she seems to be really appreciating the gasp of fresh air! Cheers.

Nicky White
Great shot! Nice composition and nice colours. 6/6 for me nic :-)

Hanna V
strong colors, good composition! would be a very good publicity for this place

Linda Keagle
BEST composition, Wilson!! I love your depth of field, here and the depth of water, too ;-)

Huy Tran
Very nice photo. Great color and compostion. Best regards.

Kim Slonaker
Nice travel shot, Wilson! The color saturation is very appealing.

Colin Carron
Great use of the wide angle! The arrangement of the elements of the shot works so well with the close figure, the two further figures and the boat.

Lionel Dupre
You always catch such a light in your images ... superb once more.

Howard Dion
Good One I would call this "super" color photography. The colors and composition are exciting. Where's the shark?

Philip Turner
Wilson- Nice execution for such an exotic locale. I remember losing my car-key/alarm module here and eventually recovering it off the bottom! I didn't think it could possibly work again. Much to my surprise it actually disabled the alarm and we were able to get into the car. I understand it is very rough in this area most of the year and quite nice for you to have been able to get into the water which I hope you did too! You should sell the charter company an image like this, this is perfect for illustrating their services and activities. This image reads fun!!

Andrea Endisch
delightful scene and funny how all the ingredients (ship, two girls etc.) are "arranged"

Ruud Albers
A beautiful composition with very nice colours, Wilson!

MD .
Strong element in the foregorund and very good color contrast. Yellow works well if the background is blue, the water though seems to be green has a lot blue in it. Why didnt you open the photo on the left hand side? You would get some extra depth.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Beautiful image. I love everything about it. Subject, color, saturation, composition & the feeling it gives the viewer of just plain fun. Super!

Wilson Tsoi
"Snorklers' Delight" Snorklers enjoying themselves during a catamaran cruise along Kauai's Na Pali Coast.

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