"Cleaning a Catch"

by Tsoi Wilson

cleaning a catch seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 9th of August 2006 10:15:50 PM


Neil Murray
Nice "catch", both fish wise and photo wise. Well done Wilson. Regards, Neil

Pnina Evental
Compositionwise, this one is my favorite Wilson, because of the strong reality in the FG, and the realm of dream in the BG., The Juxtaposition works real well together.

Giuseppe Miriello
this is a very nice image wilson... i like the difficulty that the man is having while approaching the shore. Also tones are quite intresting, there i a foreground that is good exposed and a background that nicely fades into haze... well done

Rafik Kamel
nice capture and a very good composition, regards, RK!

Howard Dion
This is really good photography. Do you know the man?

Marta Eva LLamera
Great!! Regards.

Julio Segura Carmona
6/6 Magnifica imagen, excelente luz, belleza de color y encuadre, gran composicion, saludos cordiales Wilson.

Les Berkley
Beautiful scene, a glimpse into a vanishing life.

Kim Slonaker
Almost painful to look at because I can picture the man slipping on those rocks! Nice colors yet again - very appealing.

Jacques St-Jean
Well compose!!! Beautiful colors, and the fish in his hand...awesome...

Frank Melchior
Nice catch, Wilson Super image, very well done!

Colin Carron
Classic composition with the man well placed in the frame.

Billy Dodson
Wilson ... amazing work, as always. This almost has a 3D look ... did you do something special to it in photoshop? Thanks for sharing it ... always a joy to see your stuff. Billy

Peter Mead
Beautiful in a dreamlike, idealized way. I'm betting it was equally vivid without the blur.

Cherlyn .
I shared Pnina's sentiments on the fg & bg. Great work, Wilson.

Paula Grenside
Amazing colors and the mist adds a dreamy quality to it.

Philip Turner
Wilson- Beautiful image and what I trust is beautiful post-processing work. I left a comment on your POW but was notified it had been deleted for not being "critique-like" enough. Didn't specifically comment on the image enough for the PN Elves. Guess I was too gushing in my general praise for your imagery and by the fact that you had not been chosen much sooner! Guess the Elves don't care for much in the way of 20/20 hindsight. Irregardless, it's always a pleasure to have a browse through your work. I consider you One of the avowed masters and you're finally getting some much over-due recognition from this site! (Hope they don't delete this thread too!).

Wilson Tsoi
"Cleaning a Catch" A local cleaning his catch on the shore of Na Pali.

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