Great Egret.

by Melanson Jody

great egret seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Tuesday 1st of August 2006 11:34:23 PM


Peter Ward
Great capture Jody! I would airbrush out the small distracting circle near the bird's left wing, but that's me... Fairly sharp focus for such a hard shot to get - well done.

Susan Brooks
Art That's amazing -- the separation and contrast of the feathers. I agree that I would clone out the spotty and other distracting background. It would certainly not detract from the realism of the photo. It would make it a work of art.

Olaf de Vries
Monument with legs.. I will not repeat my reaction, when you showed us his front side.. Nice this! And about the ring next to his wing.. The c of coppy fits in it..! Good hunt!

Reencarnacion Cristalero
Me gusto los detalles de las plumas en los blancos , saludos

Samir Begovic
Just perfect.

Jody Melanson
Great Egret. Great Egret in early morning light.

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