Smoke works - 18: Grace

by Ozgur Mehmet

smoke works grace canon eos digital rebel xt d mm fl usm gra ozgur mehmet

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Tuesday 1st of August 2006 02:07:36 PM


Yann Roffiaen
My favorite from the smoke folder. Bravo, bravo, bravo... 7/7

Saleem Khawar
7++++7++++ wow !!!woow!!! Regards Khawar.

Razaq Vance
7\7 amazing work...regards

Mehmet Ozgur
Hi Gareth, per your reference I looked at George's work, some of which are very well known, and saw the particular image you mentioned. I found it very interesting and I am glad to learn that there are others who are doing similar kind of smoke compositions. Thank you for pointing out his work.

Jef Van den Houte
Smoke works Indeed very creative and original

Alin Balanean
Another brilliant composition of this series! You are a genius! ;) Best regards!

Unbeleiveble.Regards. Bahri

Alex B
imo, it's brilliant :)

Floriana Barbu
This is a smoke poem. Congrats !

Gareth Dix
beautiful 7/7 this reminds me a little of george caswell's picture of the smoke forming the shape of a grim reaper for an anti-smoking campaign, however that was manipulated

dash shah
u kno looks like a lady on her way to heaven

Christin Gilbert
I see a long hair girl looking at the light.... very creative...!

Henri Manguy
Great composition which have certainly required very much work.

Lukas Ondrousek
very nice! as well as rest of the smoke photos. i wrote u a mail - did u get it? plz, contact me on thank u

Pnina Evental
Interesting effect Mehmet, nice composition.

Ruud Albers
Beautiful work, Mehmet!

Jana Vanourkova
wouw, very airy, cheers Jana

Brad Kim
Amazing work, Mehmet....! My hearty congratulations!

Mehmet Ozgur
Back to where we belong We need the ultimate miracle to go back to that fateful moment, and lure away Eve from the serpent, thus save all humanity from the suffering. Like the original interpretation. Thanks Scott. -I think should work on the serpent a bit more though. oh well, another thing to add to my ever-growing todo list.-

Scott Butler
Daughter of Eve? In addition to the young woman who appears to be walking away, I also see a snake/serpent in the right-front foreground with his tongue slithering under her legs. Is that just me??? It makes me think of the conflict of Eve and the temptation proposed by the serpent. Since the woman is clothed, it would not be the original Eve, but her descendant. Since the woman is turning from the serpent to some glorious light, I would like to think that she has rejected his offer, what ever it might be, for something higher. However the expression of satisfaction and glee on the snake suggests he has just succeeded in some evil trickery...and she is walking unaware into great peril! In any case, it is quite beautiful! Scott

Alberto Sepulveda
impressed I'ver never been such impressed with an art work, congratulations, it's sublime

Khalifa Aldhahri
wonderful amazing composition the exposure was brilliant

Tulay Besli
Heavenly beatiful!

Mehmet Ozgur
Smoke works - 18/20: Sirens another addition to the smoke series. Beguiled by our own fantasies, living in sand castles and smoke gardends.

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