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Published: Tuesday 1st of August 2006 06:55:46 AM


Paul Chepikian
Interesting side note: I was shooting this (from the sidewalk) when security came out and had a chat with me. Once they realized I was a photographer (the huge tripod, professional equipment, Pelican cases may have given them a clue) they went back in the building. Then my cell phone rings and my mother asks if I heard that the entire East Coast was in the dark and they thought it might be a terrorist deal. Oh! Now I get it! My timing to photograph the Burbank Power Plant couldn't have been worse. Let's face it, post 9-11 has made it a lot harder for photographers. Thanks for the kind words, Kent. Always good to hear from you. I'm flying below the radar a bit as I prepare for the exhibit in September.

Kent B
Always a terrifying concern of mine even though I back up I still worry something will happen to my back-ups. The down side of a digital world. But anyway, thank god you had this in hard form. BEAUTIFUL! I love the lines, depth, color and composition. It's all here in this one. There's something about this shot that really hits me.

Paul Chepikian
Power Plant An early image of mine. The original file is lost. Luckily, I had a hard copy that was just scanned in high rez. BACK UP YOUR FILES! Comments always welcome and appreciated.

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