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untitled seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Tuesday 1st of August 2006 06:50:11 AM


Pnina Evental
I would like to suggest a title for this nice image Paul, what do you say about "there is no vacancy"...? ( in nature) I like your good observation, very nice abstract, that many will not even think to look...! I like the form and color play done by nature.

Paul Chepikian
Thank you, Pnina: It's actually one of my own personal favorites. Some have suggested I should have moved the metal rebar. First of all, it's what makes it interesting for me in that it's nature, or the demise of it, and man made objects coming together. But in a way, both are deconstructing, falling apart, etc. Second: I rarely if ever remove anything from an image. Either physically or digitally. Just a personal choice. Sadly, I've lost the original digital file to this image. I was lucky to have had a print of it which was high rez scanned. Thanks for the kind words. They are always inspiring.

Paul Chepikian
Good to hear from you, Kent. Hope all is well. I was very fortunate. I had a 19 x 20 print so I had a high rez scan made. Whew!

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, John. It looks good. I'm flattered you took the time!

Kent B
A pity you don't have the original but thank god you have a scan. Truly fine work Paul. I'm with you on the rebar. It makes the shot. the flow of composition, color and texture is masterful.

John Galyon
you did well not removing the rebar....some of my favorite photos are taken while looking at the ground...thinking, not looking for a photo op. would like to see it in high contrast b & w...just a thought.

Paul Chepikian
Good thought, John. I should try it as you suggested. It's funny how we grow so close to things sometimes that we don't see the obvious. This images will probably look very interesting in black and white. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion.

John Galyon
couldn't resist trying it in sepia...

Paul Chepikian
rebar comments and observations always welcome and appreciated.

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