"Stormy Waikiki"

by Tsoi Wilson

stormy waikiki seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 28th of July 2006 11:50:11 PM


Howard Dion
Wilson, you out did yourself on this one. Incredible photogrpahy.

Mel Resnick
Billy, I share your feelings. I get low ratings along with the high ones and know I'm not a good enough photographer to reach into some universal set of emotions that viewers may have. When one of Wilson's photos, especially one like this and the next one, "Mother Nature's Cathedral," gets 3/3s, we know to just ignore the inherent fallibility of the rating system and that there are people out there who are just plain mean. BTW, Wilson: great shot!

Doug Oldham
Nice shot. I love the texture of the water.

Mel Resnick
Wilson, please tell us about your trip. Was this photo and "Mother Nature's Cathedral" taken from a ship?

Leslie Battjes
Wilson, From the thumb I thought this was interesting, but the red sail is what made me open this for another look...it's really eye-catching. Your composition really makes the most of the turbulent sea and sky. Very nice! Leslie

Pnina Evental
An unusual form of sky and sea Wilson, The diagonal lines of sky and turbulens in the middle of them augment the tension. The far away city , red sails, and wave direction are adding to the feeling.

Ruud Albers
7/7 Excellent work, Wilson!

Billy Dodson
Just saw the ratings average on this image and was a little shocked ... this is a seriously underrated photograph. Maybe the numbers I'm about to hang on it will improve the average. Very best wishes and thank you for sharing this extrarodinary shot. Billy D

Linda Keagle
I love the drama of the sky, the fringe of high rises in the distant....and of course, the red sails. Beautiful, WIlson!

Les Berkley
Magnificent light, red sail makes the shot.

Nancy Mulder
Wow Wow, what else can I say??? It is like stepping into the pic and hoping you end up in the beautiful place you have captured!! Very beautiful...I love this picture a lot!

Scott Jenkins
The joy of sailing Wilson, You know I enjoy sailing images, so I appriciate the great capture and look of this image. Very nice. Regards, Scott

Fernand Hick
A very nice shot, superb composition and colors. Regards, Fernand.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Um ... you took your good Canon on a catamaran in a STORM?? I'd be more concerned about the Canon than the boat in the storm! :-)

John Seward
Wilson, There seems to be no end to your marvelous captures and PS work. You've consistently provided remarkable images. I'm in awe. John

Very beautiful photo!

Wilson Tsoi
"Stormy Waikiki" Proof that it's not always clear and sunny in Waikiki.

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