The Cost of a Photo Opp

by Downs Jim

the cost of a photo opp seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Thursday 27th of July 2006 04:45:49 AM


Jim Downs
The Cost of a Photo Opp in Yogyakarta In emerging countries photo subjects will frequently request a modest payment for sitting for a photo. I personally don't mind this practice as everyone has the right to charge for services they provide. Imagine a western model participating in a shoot for no fee. In those countries with large numbers of western tourists, the fees sometimes become ursurious, payment is required in advance and the subject becomes uncooperative after payment is in hand. This case was different than any other I've encountered. The woman would not tuck the payment in her purse or pocket. Instead she displayed it proudly and stubbornly refused to lay it aside while I took her photo. This is the result of the encounter! I believe the banknote is the equivalent of about .15 cents US.

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