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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John Peri
Thank you so much Jonathan. You have understood the carefree manner in which this was taken ...he he ... the model liked it so much, she wrote to say that she sent it to .... her mother!!

John Peri
Ok Tanya, so now you made my day .... :-)

Tanya Truong
Such natural charm and sweetness! Delightful spirit. You truely capture "moments" in life and hold them forever in your gallery John. Hmmm! one day...one day...i shall be your model :o). Warm regards, Tanya.

John Peri
But Curtis, you are asking for a posed and set up image. It would lose half it's interest. Isn't the partially covered face and the clutter what gives it the sponatenous feeling.

Bodyline Photos
Nice image John. The beads add a pleasant touch of additional colour

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent smile and the expression. Great composition and the light. Lovely background effect. Great.

If you want, have a look...

Al Li
I love her smile and the light is just so pleasing.

tommy culbreth
quick john!! as usual john finds the great models.. and he knows what to do with them.. how ya been john?

Adrian Ivanov
what make this photo so high rating? the model ? the dark and dirty background? the bad cut of her legs?Oh my God...

Jonathan Charles
This shot is utterly charming and shows your style to perfection - it is a true "whole body" portrait (I just recommended someone come and look at your work and this is a brilliant example). I love the "covered" snap as well. They both sparkle with her personality. Best wishes, Jonathan

Tanya Truong
Wow... ...what a chic John! Hummm, 3 minutes....great portrait with such natural charm of the model (and it says a lot about the charisma of the photographer as well :o)). Warm regards, Tanya.

Carlos Ruza
Natural very natural, the model is very relaxed, good photo.

David McCracken
Outcharming... John, You have many charming pictures but this one outcharms a lot of them.

Kim Slonaker
How many shots were you able to take in 3 minutes? Did you set up any lighting at all or only use natural? Just learning studio lighting, so very curious, if you don't mind...thanks!

Curtis Comeau
A great exposure, would like to see more of her face and also a little less clutter in the background. Other images in this shoot are very good. C

John Peri
Ok Curtis, next time I'm offered three minutes for a photo shoot, I'll spend two and a half on the clutter ...... can't see it actually, but never mind, I'll search ....... ;-)

John Peri
I think around ten pictures ... lighting is natural in this case. I'm standing in the street in sunshine facing the open front door ... I think a scooter went by at one point .. she covered up momentarily!

Curtis Comeau
cheers John, Three min? My apoligies, I bitch at a 10 min shooting time. Again I hope you also try shooting a male, really challenge yourself... regardless, i do enjoy your works and will keep coming back. C

Curtis Comeau
See i dont think that the clutter adds to the care free feel of the image, its the models expression, posture and hair that does it... what I was commenting on was a lack of attention to detail. Attention to detail and the ability to capture spontaneity at the same time is what a true portrait photographer should be able to do, if not, its just a well exposed snapshot. Now had you had wanted the clutter to help add to the spontaneity of the image, then my apologies, it just doesn?t seem that way in this image. Regards, C

giovanni pellegrino
Nice Tuck! Me and my brother used to tuck when we where younger, pretty girl with an odd chin?

John Peri
Nothing wrong with the model's chin. it's my bad photography!

David Noble
A great image. So natural.

John Peri
A photo session lasting under three minutes .. .. that was the deal ...

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