ZD 248

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 23rd of July 2006 10:30:59 PM


John Peri
.. of the friend of a friend that I visited ..

Jeff Davidson
You live in a great neighborhood I must ask the neighbors for a cup of sugar when I visit. Never know what I'll find. Great original work John! So, do any of your friends not have perfect features? I have never seen any "average" friends!!!!!

David Bradley
I think I see... It is pretty small, but from what I can see, her face is mostly shielded by her hair, but we can see just a glimpse of her left eye...nice...very nice indeed. I suspect this was not a long shoot with her lingering in the door for an extended period else you would have likely stopped traffic or caused a wreck. ...DAvid

Rasmus Lindersson
Beautiful. I like the contrast between light and shadows.

Sohail Rizki
I like the natural light in the picture.

John Peri
.. forgot to mention that this is the front door and I was in the street ... !

Peter Meade
Hello John, I like the light and shadow and also, the hint of the demure about her pose. Another very charming image. Regards. Pete

John Peri
Jeff, I think that it's more a question of how you see them ..... and also how they react I guess. I asked outright for 30 secs without clothes in front of the door and she said ok .... took a couple more actually ....

Bodyline Photos
I love the mystery of what is inside that door. well executed

Bob Kurt
I like it!

John Peri
I took this today .. .

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