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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Friday 21st of July 2006 07:41:38 PM


Ruslan Lavrentyev
If she smokes - it is no problem, you are art photographer, but in USA all is against smoking. Aren't they going to forbid smoking in films?

Ruslan Lavrentyev
My in-between This is my in between... But you are a master, I like the lighting and mood

John Peri
I do not understand the relevance to the critic of this photo.

Steve Ward
sw It'a amazing that the "in-between" shots come out so well. must be the lack of "posing". It contributes ,I suppose, to the relaxed nature of so many of your images. They only photo comment I can make is that I am suspicious of the crop tha cuts off the top of her head and hair. The smoke comment has nothing to do with the photo, it has more to do with genuine caring for the well being of the model. In some cultures, smoking is frowned upon.

Jonathan Charles
For me, when photographing people, (and I suspect for you as well) the "in between" shots are not just a fortunate snap of the interval between poses, they are the main thing. The posed shots are mostly to get the subject into a general situation and relaxed frame of mind (and feeling of being appreciated) so that their spontaneous poses and gestures, which look natural and characteristic of them personally, become the real images that we want to capture. This, and the last one, are excellent examples.

I am amazed at the strange comments that keep appearing about smoking - is this the New American Puritanism? Are viewers so worried about the dangers of driving in cars, lying around in the sun, drinking a glass of wine or cup of coffee or even the moral risks of appearing semi-naked on photo.net? There are hardly any comments about significant health risks of breast implants which are often undertaken specifically for a modelling career whereas nobody is persuaded to take up smoking for the sake of a picture. And yet, whenever a photo is posted of a someone smoking (actually old people smoking, who are much more at risk, are generally exempt) some whingeing twit pops up and says "it would be great if only she weren't smoking" ... Oh well, enough ranting!

Best wishes, Jonathan.

PS I think the crop is perfect.

Les Berkley
Call me politically correct or whatever, but I think it's a shame when a beautiful woman smokes.

John Peri
.. that are so intimate and sensual ..

John Peri
Steve, I framed the picture like that on purpose, I often do. I feel it can render an image more intense.

Jim Hayes
I have always thought that the magic that is John, happens to be the fact that most of his shots have that "in-between" look about them. As for the smoking(nothing to do with the photo). In the United States we are going through a "funny-phase" where we won't be happy with the word Freedom, until no one has any. go figure. Thanks for sharing once again John. JH

Steve Ward
sw I can only take your word for it on th eframing, you're the teacher. I'm just a (part time) student. While all of my subjects(thus far) have their clothes on, I usually try to back off enough to keep enough original data to let me play with the cropping. I don't expect that I'll make it to your level(of photo skill), but that's all the more reason for me to have to experiment with these things. Thanks for visiting my most recent post. I don't have much to show off, but I do enjoy trying.

John Peri
Just one of those .. in betweeen shots ..

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