ZD 235

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 21st of July 2006 04:48:47 PM


Mirko Barone
yes, great effect!

Lee Jianmin
soft and gentle. give the model and sense of classy touch.

Bob Kurt
Great shot!

Raymond Elstad
Lovly image John, I like the reflection in the glass also. Cheers, Raymond

Tammy V.
So lovely.

Tanya Truong
Sweet moment... ...what an image John...both suggestive and innocent.... I like this image alot for many reasons. The rough texture of the man's shirt falls carelessly on her soft skin. Her fingers that touches playfully with her long hair, and its reflection adds interest. The cigarette in her hand defines her modern woman's character ( well! i am not encouraging or discouraging anyone about smoking. It's a matter of choice to that very individual---just like in the movie: "Thank you for smoking", and the focus point of the movie is not about smoking.) Wow, John, i think you are the master in images that are "suggestive and innocent" :o). What a delight! Warm regards, Tanya.

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Nice and beautiful. Great expression. Like the softness and the light use.

If you want, have a look...

parvin dabas
classic john peri

Rob Nichols
Gosh so sexy esp her smoking I like ...

Alec Ee
What a body, you did well to highlight it here nicely.

Damian Muszkiet
I dunno why but I very like smoking, I don't do this every day but I like to smoke once a month - going further I like pictures with cigarettes, specialy if it is combined with woman... Framing is gorgeous, but sharpes is missing in my opinion it hurts this photo but not much because the whole thing here gives it a lot of pluses. The light...her delicate skin with some specific look down "there"...it's quite simple but extraordinary photography. My congratz!!!

Brian Barker
A very elegant flow is created from the face, down the body and along the lines of the shirt, all the way to the navel. A very relaxing and subtle pose. Fantastic image!

John Peri
A moment's respite .. .

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