Jumping Spider.

by Melanson Jody

jumping spider seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Friday 21st of July 2006 02:49:36 AM


Dancing Dove
Jody Other than having the most excellent macro capabilities, you are a very brave person (to me). Much success...! d.d.

bob ingelhart
I've noticed on the site here that we see a lot of bug pictures. This is a unique shot so I gave it sevens.

vesna g
I love the glow in his eyes. Great shot! Did your model survived this session, since it seems held with some metal object. :( Or is that only his lunch? :)

Jody Melanson
Hi Vesna, he is holding onto lunch. (an Ant) I would never harm a Jumping Spider, they are way too cool! Now a Horsefly or Deerfly or Mosquito, that's a different story. ;) Thanks!

Jody Melanson
Thanks Bob!

Jody Melanson
Jumping Spider He has got an Ant for lunch. :)

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