by Melanson Jody

horsefly seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Monday 17th of July 2006 11:45:33 PM


Niklas Hallberg
These little boogers do have nice eyes. I spent the better part of today trying to kill these guys at the beach. Great shot.

Andrey Antov
ANother beatiful shot! Great balance of the colors!

Joe Orsak
Woah. Nice macro. Really great coloring on the eyes and excellent clarity overall. I wish you didn't go out of focus quite as short but still nicely done.

Doug Oldham
Great macro. Nice, sharp details.

Alec Ee
Lovely, makes the pain worth it to get such a close up.

Mark Plonsky
Excellent work. When I see these guys I think ouch!

Rafik Kamel
Hi jody very nice details here, i love the colors in the fly's eyes, regards, RK!

Dave Dube
Guess I'll have to rate this a 1/7, nothing aesthetically pleasing to me. Great photo, almost clinical!

Ken Boxsell
Brilliant shot

Jody Melanson
Horsefly Horseflies have such colourful eyes!

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