by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

shagya horse stallion fujifilm finepix s pro nikon kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: horse stallion shagya fujifilm finepix s2 pro nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed seeking critique

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Published: Sunday 16th of July 2006 07:04:51 PM


Mark Boyer
Great shot, really. I wish I could take something like this.

Howard Dion
7/7 From me.. Now this is outstanding photography.

sarah newton
Fantastic work.

Dave Lavash
Unique and exciting

ioannis papadogiannis

Henrik Nilsson
Great catch!

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
Thank you ! Technical details ? F5.6, shutter speed 1/750, ISO 200, lenght 79 mm and nice sunny day ( 3 PM)

Markos George Hionos
great photography !!!!....very well done .

Afsane Poloie
hi Very nice .... new membrship...plz visit my photo...and writing comment...

Lee Guthrie
Wow Wojtek! Love it.

Susana Marquez
Una foto preciosa

Gary C
Amazing quality This is a very stirring action photo. Very rarely have I seen one that screams out with qualities like this one does.

Tom Leech
Excellent image. I like how you've darkened that background and make the horses head stand out so dramatically. Curious though, how long do you have to wait for the animal to run around and get in a position such as this to capture? Are they playful and always stirring up the dust or does this type of photography require a large amount of time and paitience waiting for the right pose to come along? Thanks, Tom.

Ramón Vaamonde
WOW! How do you get this amazing picture? please share with us the technical details. Thanks

Mariusz Pawlowski
7/7 Your photography of horse is always marvellous.Best regards

Charles Mifsud
Charles The moment ,the tension, the torsion in the muscles,the vivid movement come at a standstill as a horse makes a turn.... all captured in a timeless moment of a click of the shutter....Can photography do justice to this shot...yes only because behing the camera were the eyes and feeling of an artist.Congratulations Wojtek.

sezer soylu
perfect perfect shot,wonderful.7/7

Vitor Rodrigues
Beautiful 7/7, without a doubt. Thanx. --ViRo

Razaq Vance
7\7 excellent!!!!!

Dariusz Calkowski
Znowu wspaniale!!!

Chris Harrison
Just perfect.

cyrus K
A great shot you have here!

Panayotis Papadopoulos
Couldn't agree less with previous comments. Impressive!

Muhammad Javed

Roberto Anil
Magnificent! Great shot! Congratulations! Love the sense of movement and the beautiful light it has. 7/7

Gianluca Nespoli

Ross Murphy
Fine work Very nice photo

Dariusz Nowicki
lubie te konie ...

A.K. Sircar
Excellent composition,light,DOF and perfect exposure.

MB Coral
..piekne Wojtku jak zawsze.. ..pozdrowka..

Evita Dzanuskane
Great! the title can be - testing new brake system! :) Exelent moment!

Tutte Peever
Absolutely Outstanding.

Michael Borisko
This is a fantastic photo.The energy leaves me breathless. Worthy of Photo of the week. Perfect settings frozen yet it shows the motion well. Thanks for posting

Halina Lewandowski
An excellent photo! Best regards. Halina

Salvatore Saitta
Stunning, 7/7 Great moment ;)

Jim Kerr
Wojtek, My opinion is that your work is the best of it's type in the world today and this one is no exception......Jim

Pnina Evental
One of the best horse image in your portfolio, very good details, exposure and movement. Well composed.

carlos perez
ehhh, could be better..nah, just kidding. this is an absolutely amazing capture, a prime example of right place, right timing.

P. Simorgh
astounding capture.......... 7/7

Jose Marin
Perfect. Beautiful light, excellent composition. Congratulations 7/7

Usman Jamshed
seems like a painting.. superb shot!

Trampuž Simon
7/7 superb. great picture and sharpness of the details.

Micheal Kraml
Dynamic Stability Control in action...move over Mercedes! Excellent shot, as allways. Micheal

Peter Velter

Gup Jeffries
I think we have established that this is a wonderful image. But, I find myself wondering how it might look with the 'distracting' lattice on the right removed. Congratulations! Gup.

Alessio Buratta
nice!!!!!!!! Excellent shot complimenti bravo.!!!!! cordiale saluto alex from italy

Alessio Buratta
Excellent shot complimenti bravo.!!!!! cordiale saluto alex from italy

Julia Molner
10! moge zapytac gdzie widujesz te konie? :) jestem zachwycona tymi zdjeciami, dech zapiera!

Nancy Stock
Over Photoshopped I would like this a lot more with a lot less photoshop fiddling. Certainly the composition and capture are excellent, but a little more photography and a little less obvious post processing please.

Wieslaw Zdaniewski
Musi w Janowie Podlaskim!

Edward Woods
Wojtek, Another wonderful image of your horses. Wonderful action and muscle definition. The colors are classical like chiseled marble. Our thoroughbred wishes you a Merry Christmas!! Respectfully, Andy

Carolyn Dalessandro
Nobody does it better...each time I see your work I am left speechless. Absolute beauty.

Kolesza Edit
Fantastic picture! Congratulations!

Petri Volanen
Perfect (and I'm speechless).

M Swift
Beautiful image. However, I get a kick out of the reply to the request for "technical details" that one poster asked for. The image's creator forgot to mention the TON of great post processing work involved in this image. It doesn't look like this because of some magic f-stop and shutter speed. Some newer photographers seeking to create this type of work may not understand that. Get proficient with Photoshop and you are at least part way there.

Tatjana Adizes
Fabulous!!! I am amazed!!!

Maurizio Melozzi

AS de Beer
Why...? i realise it is an old over-worked issue, but how come that there is still someone lurking in the dust who can give this stunning photo a 3/4 rating?

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
wonderful color... ... evokes power and beauty

Petri Volanen
Absolutely excellent.

Michelle Rudland
Wonderful image! Your eye is amazing. You wouldn't want to discuss equine photography would you? Michelle

Geoff Smith

Suddhajit Sen
Wonderful Kudos to your sense of timing and sense of drama.It is a wonderful composition.Being a beginner I would like to know how much credit will you give to photoshop for this stunning outcome?

Mel Peters
Bloody hell, that's good!

Bob Beamesderfer
Doesn't anyone remember ... Dodging and burning with different Polycontrast filters? OK, it's clear that we can do far more in Photoshop than those mechanical skills allowed. But at what point does it become too much? In the eye of the beholder, obviously, but what if the original isn't that far off from what we see here? I know of many POY photos from the 1980s that took the shooter hours to get right in the darkroom because of the complexity of dodging and burning.

juan pablo cuadra
perfect! please visit my photos

Sauciuc Gabriela
7/7 excellent!


Apu Sharma
work of a genius, you are a master. 7/7

Jeffrey Chen
Your horse photos would make any horse lovers' blood boil. Absolutely the best photography in the horse domain. Dr. Jeffrey Chen

peter KreDosy

super aufnahme!

Bonnie Stillman


Your work is perfection! You make me want to throw my camera in the trash can!!!! You are amazing!

All the Best

Bonnie S.

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
;) Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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