Mmmm, chicken.

by Melanson Jody

mmmm chicken seeking critique melanson jody

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Published: Monday 10th of July 2006 10:16:15 PM


Alan Sparks
Cool Shot Very unique. I've never seen a photo of one eating before. Thanks for sharing.

Nyctea Scandica
Great moment although a bit cruel. and the title is fun!

vesna g
Superb capture of a moment!

Noah K
nice capture the extremely bright highlights throughout the picture are extremely distracting , as the eye naturally goes to the brightest part of the photo, somewhat unfortunate for this photo. As for the bird itself, just spectacular, just very very sharp, and i love how you captured the nictitating membrane is visable, very cool. You're portfolio is very impressive, keep up the great work. Also, if you could email me, give me some tips on that reversed lens thing i'd appreciate it. I've tried it using the 50mm setting of my zoom reversed on my 70-300 is, and the quality is always terrible, with pronounced vignetting. Any suggestions would be great. my email is

Jody Melanson
Great Hrned Owlet eating. Great Horned Owlet eating some chicken. Yum!

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