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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 8th of July 2006 09:42:06 PM


Alon Eshel
Classical beautiful composition . The exposure is excellent and the posing is both innocent and sensual at the same time . The b&w gives it a unique quality

David McCracken
24 hours... Tut tut John... 24 hours before letting us see her! I am not sure the louvre doors add to the image. I feel they are a bit distracting. Perhaps a close crop of just the girl would have made the image stronger.

Umair Ghani
beautifully exposed! her shy pose & delicate touch 2 her body is wonderfully captured. open doors & comperatively dark room suggest amorous spells inside the room. very well taken. regards!

John Peri
Actually Thomas, if you set out to do it, it never happens. I think it is the innocence of the approach which is the most convincing .. I really have no idea what I blubbered out the other morning.

anne knes
Brillant !!!!!!!!! Beautiful John !!!!!!!!!

Thomas Collins
John, I made several comparisons between this version and the similar color version. In the color version, she connects directly with the viewer with her gorgeous eyes (I can see why she caught your attention), whereas with this version she is a bit more mysterious and alone. I like this version also for the very slight exposure of the side of her breast as it adds to the sexy allure of her effeminate back. I like both versions! Oh, the grocery store is a great place to meet models. Particularly in the fresh fruit section. :-) Thomas

Doug Scott
Very Nice I love the photo. Is this all natural lighting or did you use any flash? Did you use any form of softening for the tone, or is this straight out of the camera?

John Peri
Doug, the model is on the balcony in daylight, facing in, so no flash was nenecssary here, though I am prone to using it even in such confitions sometimes. As for softening, it's hard to say honestly, I always tweak in one direction or the other until the final product seems pleasing. Let's just say that very little was necessary on this ocassion ... thanks for passing by.

John Peri
No, I do not use any other light source than the window and a flash attached to the camera ... the thing in principle is not to point it at the subject, but bounce it off the wall .... don't have any strobes, reflectors and stuff like that ...

Doug Scott
Very Nice Again John - thanks for the response. The photo just seems so vibrant and sensual. I'm really trying to understand and learn how to use light. The more I learn, the less I seem to know. With most of the interior shots in your portfolio, do you use strobes/softboxes, larger scrims or ambient light with long exposures? I just love nudes because the human body seems to be the perfect object to express light. You have to get it right or its blatantly obvious. Your's are wonderful.

John Peri
I met this young young model yesterday .. .. we spent forty minutes today taking photos ..... she had never posed before ...

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