About to Rain in Helsinki

by Tsoi Wilson

about to rain in helsinki tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 5th of December 2001 04:01:32 AM


Marcio Santos
So beautiful, I love it. The dark sky and the colors are wonderful. Thank you for showing the potential of this lens (i also own) and yours for sure.

gareth harper
Great shot and good use of the longer lens. This shot is screaming out for quality film.

David Weaver
Nice use of long lens compression to build a very interesting photo.

Jussi W. Jylkka
My homeland! The dark sky and the bright sunlight makes it dramatic. Did you shoot this from the sea? Different from most tourist photos.

Victor Lausas
Where did you shoot this photo from? From the Viking Line ferry? Or were you perhaps levitating over the water? :D

Hannu Soini
Nice Good Shot! Lived all my life in Helsinki and have to say that you were lucky to catch that on film-...upps...on the cell -even the architecture looks new to me with the towers (left and right) with your lens. Amazing lens -amazing shot -just showing how blind we can be when looking familiar areas with bare eyes and not realizing the potential in them. Cheers

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